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    Though we earlier devoted another thread to connections of our story with Revelations (from the New Testament), this thread will include a more extensive post about the interesting parallel between the Biblical bad guys and the Apothicans. In the Book of Revelations, two distinct Beasts are being mentioned: The Beast from the Sea and the Beast from the Earth. The Beast from the Sea is a contractionary name, as in Revelations it is said to actually originate from the Abyss, an unfathomably deep or boundless space. The word 'Sea' is likely symbolically used, referring to the fact that in the original sense of the Hebrew tehom, the abyss was the primordial waters or chaos out of which the ordered world was created. Some also think the term might refer to the interior of Earth. In later Hebrew literature, the Abyss is often used to refer to the Underworld, either the realm where the dead reside (Sheol) or the realm of the rebellious spirits (Hell). In the latter sense, specifically, the abyss was often seen as a prison for demons. Now all these meanings of the Abyss, whether it is the thing from which the universe was created, the interior of Earth and the abode of the dead or the realm where the demons are imprisoned, it all seems to relate to what is told us about the Aether. "In the beginning there was only the Aether and the Keepers." - Timeline "The surviving Apothicons were cast out, banished to the dark Aether beneath creation." - Kronorium Excerpt "The world within the world was turned upside down" - Doctor Monty, Gorod Krovi This Beast from the Abyss, as I rather call it, also bears a real name but this is never given in Revelations. However, his name corresponds to the numerical value 666, also called the 'Mark of the Beast'. "You have the Mark. You are cursed." - Shadowman This Mark can be identified by either the beast's written name, or the numerical value of his name. Without this identification, one could not buy or sell. For this, he was worshipped by mankind and it was the reason why this Beast was reigning the Earth. This too sounds very alike to our encounters in Shadows of Evil, as without the Beast, we are nowhere. We invoke it to power up machines, smash crates and open up doors. Imagine how powerless we are without it, how dependent we are on it. Now let's take a look at the 'Beast from the Earth'. This entity is primarily described in Revelation chapter thirteen and is said to speak "like a dragon". He is also called the false prophet, due to him functioning as the messaging and speaking agent of both the Beast from the Sea and Satan. His purpose is to promote the authority of the first beast with the ability to perform great signs, even making fire come down out of Heaven. It is also him who declares that anyone who does not worship the Beast from the Sea, including those who do not wear his Mark, will be killed. "Only the cursed will survive" Now among the many broadcasts of GKNova6 relating to the Cold War and Space Race, it also included the following transmission. Remember that this was transmitted back in 2011, during the marketing campaign of Black Ops I: Beware of the beast man. For he is the devils pawn. Alone among gods primates. He kills for sport,or lust,or greed. Yay he will murder his brother to posses his brothers land. Let him not breed in great numbers, For he will make a desert of his home,and yours. Shun him, drive him back into his jungle layer. For he is the harbinger of death." This 'Beast Man' is said to be the Devil's pawn. What's more, he is said to be the Harbringer of Death. That reminds me of the following quote of Doctor Monty: "The Shadow Man, the original Harbinger of Doom" That the Shadowman promotes the players to invoke the Beast goes extremely parallel with the Beast of the Earth's role in promoting the authority of the Beast of the Abyss. I believe it was Mattzs who even noted that the Mark of the Beast correlates with three 6's on top of each other: 666. It also parallels the Lovecraftian story of Nyarlathotep, the Black Man (note how Black is a synonym for Shadow). Although he is able to shift his physical shape, he is mostly described as a tall, swarthy man. He is frequently associated with Satan and any other evil spirits named in various cultures and religions around the globe. He wanders the Earth, seemingly gathering legions of followers, his demonstrations of strange and seemingly magical instruments. These followers lose awareness of the world around them and get an terrible impression of the world's collapse. This sounds very much alike to how the Shadowman manipulated the Shadows cast into doing what he wanted, to “prevent the destruction of your world”. Still it remains a curious topic how these early Apothican forces could enter this realm of Morg City and have direct contact with humans. The first note that should be made is the Beast from the Earth's magic sign of making fire coming down from Heaven. "Just last week there was a meteor shower, a freakin' meteor shower!" - Reporter In this case, Heaven could be seen as literally (the cosmos) as well as figuratively (115 as 'divine' element). Next thing that is mentioned is a strange fungus showing up all over the damp alleys of Morg City, making the inhabitants sick, delirious and confused. Now, as mentioned in the comments of this thread, we can find books named 'Occultism in the court of Elizabeth I' and 'The Evil Archon' in Der Eisendrache. Both seem to refer to the practices of John Dee, the advisor of the English Queen and also a hobbyist in alchemy, occultism, divination, mathematics and astrology. Also liked to collect ancient Aztec artifacts and other magical-looking idles, crystal spheres and amulets. Now one day he felt like creating a magical diagram, kinda like Ouijaboards, in an effort to make contact with beings from beyond. He succeeded in this, not only contacting them but also summoning them. Initially, these interdimensional creatures were believed to be Angels, sounding just like Jeb Brown, Cornelius Pernell and all the others. However after a while he started to question the motives of these beings, who were presenting themselves more and more as demons than angels. This magical diagram that summoned these beings was called the Seal of God. It looks like this, and it really seems to resemble either Satanic pentagrams or the Apothican octogram we see at various places in Morg City. As we also see this diagram in Blood of the Dead, where we know the Warden created this twisted version of reality, it could very well be possibly that Shadows of Evil was created by someone else performing similar practices. "Yes! The threshold. One last flash of light and the Sun shall vanish into the sea. The darkness shall spread for every fibre of creation, it shall spread! I shall be its instrument… I shall bleed the chosen few… The gateway will open and paradise will fall." - Warden But the rituals aren't finished yet. We continue them! We complete them! We allow the rest of the demon spawn that represents the fell Apothicans to enter and consume Dimension 63. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now while these connections could be made between the Apothicans and Judeo-Christian demons, it would be wrong to instantly call them the evil forces in opposition to the 'good forces' of Doctor Monty and the Keepers. Here follows an extensive argument to show you that the multiverse is not that simple as 'good' versus 'evil', but it became somewhat more propaganda-esque as I wrote it, and I lent into this towards the end as it was quite funny. However it definitely has some salient points that highlight very explicit lies we are told in the storyline, and might just change your opinion on the Apothicons. The Parallels are clear, but as the Apothicon Apologist that I've become known as (lol), I can't help but feel the need to step in and give a bit of context to their admittedly often awful actions, and give a possible alternative interpretation on who the real demons are. We are often lead to believe that the Keepers "ascended to become the wards of all existence" after they "defeated" the Apothicons. Note the clear religious imagery; with it, your mind is instantly predisposed into the binary ideal of good-and-evil. I want you to remove that notion from your mind. History is written by the Victors - in this case, the beings we know as Keepers, however the real story (or the closest thing to it), obtained through cross referencing the multiple conflicting accounts of the beginning-time, just as with real history, is far more morally grey. Firstly, however, we have to clear something up, for the sake of ease. The Kronorium in its current form often refers to a race called the "Keepers" - right from the beginning, starting with the first of them, The First One, and progressing right the way through till the end and then back again - endlessly. This is confusing, likely intentionally so, in order to give the modern Keepers a historical precedent for their position, and frame the Apothicons as their eternal adversary - a race so different from the Keepers themselves, they ought to be fought and exterminated. In fact, the Keepers and Apothicons were once a singular species, and this is where the confusion lies. The Kronorium refers to this first race as "Keepers" as well, even though their biology was almost certainly different - most likely, it was that of the beings who would come to be known as Monty and the Shadowman (note how it is the middle point between the biology of a modern keeper and of an Apothicon). To avoid further mix-ups, they will be referred to from here-on-out as "The First Race". Looking at a race so advanced, we would undoubtedly think of them as having some sort of "magic" - indeed like the Judeo-Christian Angels and Demons. However ask yourself this. If you were to journey to an uncontacted tribe with Electricity, Guns, Gas, Smartphones, Cars, Aeroplanes and all of the other products of science, would you be seen as a Scientist? No, you would be seen as a Magician, as a God, as someone with knowledge and power that is so outside of the field-of-view of this culture, that the only solution is for it to be "magic. In excerpts from the Kronorium, we begin to understand the same thing is true with The First Race. In the beginning, The First One did not simply create life from his own imagination, he created a device in order to allow him to manipulate the force he was forged from - the Aether - in order to shape it to his will. Astoth Arbzorark - The All Key (or incorrectly, the "Summoning Key") - a Device of Absolute Power. Before this, The First One existed only within the Aether - likely formless - and so Agartha was created using the device so him and his kin were able to exist physically. The First Race did not use magic to travel vast distances, they "Created the first Transference Device" (in those exact terms). They were a race of scientists, specifically, scientists who's experimentation was with The Aether. It should also be noted that they devised the First Language, the very language inscribed upon both the Summoning Key and the cover of the Kronorium (the only part of the book that does not change) We cannot say for certain how long this went on for, but the experimentation continued relentlessly until, one day, one of the most prominent members of the race, along with his colleges, crafted a device known as the Aether Pyramid - a machine that would be capable of power to a similar degree to that of the Summoning Key. It's interesting then, that only after the ability to manipulate reality is no longer dependent on a singular object (likely held by a single or small group), but instead a known invention, that these fellow scientists who's only crime was experimenting with the same force they had always experimented with, were deemed "corrupted", leading to an all out civil war. Remember, the terms "Dark Aether" and "Corrupted Keeper" come from a particular version of history, approved by a particular Keeper: For this transgression against the balance-of-power, those scientists who were lead by the being who would, among many things, be referred to as the Shadowman and Mr. Rapt, were thrown back into the formless Aether, where they were twisted and morphed by the aeons of isolation, however they did keep their language, perhaps a reminder of what they once were. Meanwhile, those who were lucky enough to have chosen the correct side became egotistical, believing themselves to be the sworn protectors of all of existence and branded those under them "Apothicons". They were not Keepers, how could they be? They were demons, devils, and all the lesser races would come to fear them as seen by their appearance in every culture, where they are always slain by the most holy of Angels. And yet, we are all very aware that it was experimentation with the Aether that was the start of the troubles that would befall existence. Monty himself says that it was Teleportation that was the root of all the evil. How appropriate that the very same Keeper who doctored history in order to frame his brethren as evil conveniently forgets that it was he and his kind, long before any conflict among their ranks, developed the first matter transference device - the original sin that doomed everything. By the time we see the "Apothicons". They are seemingly beings of hate, hellbent on ending existence. They no longer have will, but instead share a singular intelligence, allowing them to coordinate dimensional assimilation to an unprecedented level. But the question is, why? The Kronorium would have you believe it is to "return to Agartha", but then why seek to destroy everything, including Agartha? No, I believe during their time in the formless, timeless infinite, they became aware of certain truths. Just as in Buried, Richtofen's time within the Aether Pyramid has granted him knowledge of the cycle that ensnared existence and now his will to break it, I believe the Apothicons have shared this revelation. How can their be an endless cycle if reality itself is no more? The Apothicons have learned the final truth of the Aether, having spent so much time within it: it must end, and so must everything that sprang forth from it. Indeed, it seems they were even willing to attempt to seek alternatives to this, as the Shadowman tried to acquire both the Summoning Key and vital components for the Agarthan Device - the only mechanism in existence capable of ending it and removing the corruption of the Aether that he and his exiles understand all too well.
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    The numbers mason, what do they mean? Not everyone knows the number sequences Mason hears are actual messages that can be decoded. From the Jason Blundell lightning round (4:13): Q: Are there any codes or ciphers that we are yet to find in Black ops 1? A: Yes One of the main goals of this thread is to showcase new number sequences and decoded messages that do not exist in the original work of BigDah and thecoldthunder or any other online source I could find, such as NGT's video on the topic: For those who want a full explanation of how the number sequences, also referred to as the ascension codes, can find it in the sources above. I bring the necessary details here: To decode a number sequence, one needs a key, which could be any phrase from a book by JFK named "Profiles in Courage" (then decode the number sequence as a cipher known as One-Time-Pad). The length of the key should be in the same length of the message. Before diving into the messages, I want to thank @RadZakpak who helped in scanning the game for new sequences, and this post wouldn't have been possible without him. Most gameplay recordings here are due to him. The first sequence appears in the last mission, Redemption, just before confronting Dragovich (around 14:40 in the video): Sequence: 8 12 11 20 3 5 16 6 17 14 1 12 19 1 0 6 12 16 21 24 8 25 22 1 17 19 4 22 5 17 20 24 3 17 7 7 21 14 15 21 22 5 16 7 22 12 22 22 23 24 22 12 14 1 4 22 17 17 1 23 5 Converting to text: IMLUDFQGROBMTBAGMQVYIZWBRTEWFRUYDRHHVOPVWFQHWMWWXYWMOBEWRRBXF Key: MAJORITYWASCONSTITUTIONALLYREQUIREDTOACCOMPLISHTHEIRMAJORAMB [...Majority was constitutionally required to accomplish their major ambition...] Plaintext: ALL POINTS BURN NOTICE PRIORITY ONE EVADE CAPTURE SLEEPERS EXPENDABLE The message is broadcasted to all points, even those that are not sleeper agents. Since the Americans have found the broadcast station, the full plan of Dragovich cannot be executed and he so tells the non sleepers "Born Notice", and that priority number one is to avoid getting captured by the Americans. The sleepers are expandable and are no longer relevant. The second sequence appears in the mission USDD, just before Mason meets JFK for the first time (4:20 in the video): Sequence: 19 9 6 6 7 11 3 10 17 7 13 10 13 8 11 Converting to text: TJGGHLDKRHNKNIL Key: ESSEDHARDONTHES [...Houston pressed hard on these grounds....] Plaintext: Proceed To Target The phrase "Proceed to target" also appears in the mission revelations. Mason says it during his breakdown, as well as saying "Oswald compromised", another code which has previously been decoded and refers to the JFK assassination (3:35 in the video). I find this one quite interesting: During the USSD mission, Mason had the perfect opportunity to kill JFK. During the last mission, Dragovich says to mason- "You should have been my finest agent, it would all have been so much simpler", possibly referring to Mason not finishing the job when he had the opportunity. In USDD, mason also hears sequences with information on entry passwords in the pentagon (Pentagon one Prospero, Pentagon two Ariel, Pentagon three Sycorax). This can be further confirmed by one of the mails in the black ops terminal: Harris confirms that the Pentagon has been compromised. He's procured transmission fragments, don't ask how. Here they are. Echelon 2 1 12 24 4 8 20 1 5 2 18 16 6 21 14 21 19 21 9 1 (Decodes to: Pentagon one prospero) Echelon 9 8 11 17 1 17 7 18 24 1 0 19 18 5 1 11 15 (Decodes to: Pentagon two ariel) Echelon 8 8 18 16 19 24 25 21 17 21 14 17 15 15 22 11 8 18 5 5 12 (Decodes to: Pentagon three Sycorax) CUTZHEXZKMWMQUMTQJMRKNTPATSUJZZYZGIMWZETMKNWMEWZFHCGYZVMUXZSHWM (We think Echelon means information) VMWZQTMCHTZVZCGGZETEUCGTZIZRGQJZJWMRTKMSHWNZYNGIZJMRGZQWMFULZLMVZJNQT (We are sure Ascension means command) It is not clear whether Mason hears the sequences in retrospective during the interrogation- meaning "Proceed to Target" has been one of the commands in the assassination day, or whether there were broadcasts directly to the Pentagon, meaning Mason was commanded to kill JFK. More on that later. The third message appears in the mission "Crash site", when Mason and the team reach the crashed helicopter. Sequence: 7 2 11 11 23 8 17 11 14 18 25 13 15 24 11 2 10 16 15 17 17 5 13 8 4 3 9 11 Converting to text: [H]CLLXIRLOSZNPYLCKQPRRFNIEDJL Key: [E] ALREADYBEENDESCRIBEDEVENIFI [...have already been described. Even if I...] Plaintext: CAUTION NOVA MUTATION OBSERVED We believe this message is referring to Dragovich and Kravchenko experimenting with Nova 6 on villagers, as we know from Kravchenko's recordings from the mission Victor Charlie and Intel from Crash Site. I now want to discuss on how the ciphers were solved. While we do have methods to solve Ascension codes, there has been an interesting aiding source this time. When the game came out, it has become apparent that all the dialog of black ops 1 appears in the PC files of non English versions, probably as means to translate the game from English. In there, players have been able to find the following: MASON: Ascension. Mason. Prepare down target Kennedy. John Fitzgerald. Priority supersedes all previous instruction. MASON: Ascension. Mason. Proceed to target. Await final coordinates. MASON: Echelon. Oswald, compromised. Ascension. Mason. Down assigned target. MASON: Echelon. Scheduled Nova deployment jeopardized. CIA breach. MASON: Ascension. All points. Down target Clarke. Priority one. Await final coordinates. MASON: Ascension. All points. Phase two. MASON: Ascension. All points. Phase three. MASON: Ascension. All points. Burn notice. Priority evade capture. Sleepers expendable. MASON: Echelon. Nova deployment signal imminent. MASON: Ascension. Mason. Resume directive programming. Respond. MASON: Echelon. Pentagon. One. Prospero. MASON: Echelon. Pentagon. Two. Ariel. MASON: Echelon. Pentagon. Three. Sycorax. MASON: Echelon. Caution. Nova mutation observed. Subjects exhibit advanced necrosis hours before mortality. MASON: Echelon. Rogue sleeper. Mason. Programming corrupted. Dragovich down. Pentagon sleeper activated. CIA sleeper activated. Ascension. All points. Down target Mason. Priority supersedes all previous instruction. MASON: Ascension. Mason. Location. Texas School Book Depository. 6th Floor. 6.5MM Carcano Rifle. Dallas. Dealey Plaza. 11.22. Green marks messages that have appeared (fully or partially) in new or old number sequences which we have decoded. Red marks messages that have not been found, either because we haven't found them yet, or because they do not appear in-game. This source has been the only place where I could find references to the new decoded messages. The solutions in this thread further confirm the validation of the file sources. Given the plaintext for a One-Time-Pad cipher behind a message, we can verify it is correct as long as the key is not arbitrary or random (i.e the key has some meaning we can point out). With the typical Ascension code, this is indeed the case, and as such the decoding process has been quite simple. One of the more interesting messages here is the last unfound dialog message. It suggests there is a sleeper agent in the pentagon and the CIA. It is quite a weird one because there isn't supposed to be an in-game gap for the message to appear, since taking Dragovich down is the last thing you do in the campaign. However this lines up with the Pentagon being breached. I think this message opens up a door for some interesting discussion. Last but not least, I would like to focus on one number sequence for a very specific reason: It seems like it hasn't been solved yet. The sequence is as follows: 9 19 18 4 6 21 17 14 9 19 8 24 17 24 5 13 11 20 15 21 24 11 9 12 8 20 21 10 16 23 4 22 21 4 0 14 This sequence appears all over the campagin, usually with Reznov is around. Examples would be the final moments of the escape from Vorkuta and Rebirth island. It also appears as an one of the objectives in the revelations mission. Diving into the internet, I could not find any source that has solved the sequence. In case it was solved, please share. The question is why people haven't realized that the sequence is unsolved. I believe this is because one of the more popular sources on that topic said it was solved. Here I'm referring to NGT's video (17:32 in the video): NGT did great job with the video, but he made a mistake, as he presented the same key and answer of the next message in the video (18:57 in the video). Beyond simple checks that dis-confirm this section of the video, the main source of NGT's video, the post by BigDah, does not address this sequence as well. Attempts to decode the sequence have so far failed, including testing unused dialog as before. Here I want to provide a speculation to what could possibly be the answer for the sequence. My speculation is that the decoded message for this sequence is "Dragovich, Kravchenko, Steiner, All must die." This phrase has the exact length as the number sequence. It repeats itself in the campaign many times and is associated with Reznov's sabotage of the brainwashing. This lines up with Reznov usually being around the sequence appears. Furthermore, the phrase is not prefixed by "Ascension" or "Echelon", which would up with the sequence being installed in Mason by Reznov and not broadcasted. It would also explain why the answer seemingly doesn't show up in the unused dialog. I think that if this is indeed the message, it would be very exciting. There is one problem: As said before, one can verify that a certain message is the answer, as long as the key is not arbitrary or random. However the key obtained from such test with the message "Dragovich, Kravchenko, Steiner, All must die." gives a key without any recognized meaning: GCSYSAJMCJRYWWYJYKBDFHBZEDVZFLKECBSK I see a few options regards this number sequence: 1. This sequence is an ordinary ascension code (possibly with a typo in the key as in some other sequences) 2. This is not an ascension code / One-time-Pad cipher. 3. The answer is "Dragovich, Kravchenko, Steiner, All must die", and the key has some meaning we don't know about yet. 4. The answer is "Dragovich, Kravchenko, Steiner, All must die" and Treyarch have decided to use an arbitrary/random key. In the case of option 4, guessing the message as done is the best that we can do. (It is worth saying that using One-Time-Pad with a uniformly chosen key that is used once provides a perfect security that cannot be cracked, mathematically and practically). Regards option 3, there seems to be two audio files under the names of "drag_krav_stein_flash_lr.wav", and "drag_krav_stein_flash_lsrs.wav", which are attached below: drag_krav_stein_flash_lr.wav drag_krav_stein_flash_lsrs.wav Perhaps the answers lie in there. Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or insights feel free to comment below. I would also like to hear what do you think of the messages. Richkiller out.
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    lright team, let's get to work. We've got intel inbound from the WarZone. Maybe a good place to start is to take it back to the BlackOut numbers station. Otherwise, maybe it's in WarZone similar to the way the Infinite Warfare teaser was in Nuk3town. Modern Warfare Patch Notes - Suspected Treyarch Teaser at the bottom: https://www.infinityward.com/news/2020-05/MW_Patch_Notes_May_18 UPDATES The dots/lines at the bottom of the post are UI flair, and are included in previous MW Patch notes. Confirmed irrelevant. Thanks, @WaterKH, @Greer In WarZone: Phones are now ringing and bunkers are now accessible Phones: Bunkers: Discuss and document, calling especially on @Tac @PINNAZ @WaterKH @certainpersonio @Lizizadolphin @PreferredWhale6 @Nieno69 @oxin8 @RadZakpak @anonymous @caljitsu @RichKiller @Chopper @Boom115 @InfestLithium @Schrödinger @Spider3000 @AetherialVoices @Lenne @The Meh @KronoriumExcerptB @PotatoForHire @MixMasterNut @EricMaynard @Amantha77 @Monopoly Mac @Naitrax @[email protected]_Appearo @Covert Gunman @DeathBringerZen @GRILL @83457and SORRY FOR THE SPAM folks, but that's a start.
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    Pulled the image, seems like it's just a bit of UI flair. They called it "adornment.png" but yeah, could be something, but I would think the focus would be more on the <redacted> bits.
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    Hi all, I've compiled the lyrics for all songs found in Zombies, with a few exceptions. Here is a link to the Google Drive Folder. I sourced the lyrics from the Call of Duty wiki and Genius.com, then for all of the songs found on Kevin Sherwood's Youtube channel, I adjusted the lyrics to fit with the lyrics shown in Kevin's video. So that includes fixing wrong words, adding some background vocals, changing punctuation, capitalization, and spacing. The odd variety in spacing is just me trying to perfectly emulate the videos (apart from obvious spelling mistakes which are fixed.) The idea is to get the most accurate lyrics and convey what Kevin Sherwood is trying to convey in the lyrics exactly. For non-Kevin Sherwood songs, I took a listen to the songs myself and tried to pin down exactly what is being said. Hope someone gets some use out of this, whether theory-making or otherwise.
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    Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, @Tac, and @NaBrZHunter. In this week's episode, we compare the eras of Jimmy Zielisnki and Jason Blundell and discuss the change in overall style as the years went on. What era of Zombies was your favorite? What do you like about how Zombies has changed? Post a comment below!
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    Good is very subjective. To a new player you seem really good, but when you compare yourself to a pro you might think you're not good. Personally all I think it takes to be good at Zombies is the ability to learn from your mistakes and get better over time. So really, it's up to you if you think you're good enough, but there's always going to be someone who can get farther than you, and that's okay. So I guess the answer is yes, you are a good Zombies player, there's just always room for improvement! That's what's cool about Zombies. Also, welcome to the forum!
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    If you have spent any time in the CIA Data Server within Black Ops, you may have noticed there is quite a bit of information from after the events of the campaign, which ends in 1968. There are multiple events referenced which seem to conflict with the story put forth in Black Ops II. The Black Ops II that we know continues the Mason story by following his son, David, as he tracks down Raul Menendez, a terrorist seeking revenge against the Mason family, and the United States as a whole. Some missions take place in the past, their details relayed by an aged Frank Woods who shares them with David. In 1986, Alex Mason is peacefully living in retirement in Alaska with his son, only being called back to save Frank Woods who has been captured by a younger Raul Menendez. Between Black Ops and Black Ops II, Frank Woods had escaped captivity in 1972 to return to the CIA. This is not congruent with the picture painted in Black Ops' CIA Data Server, however. Mason is less than at peace after the events of Black Ops: From: Weaver, Grigori To: Hudson, Jason Date/Time: Monday, July 1, 1968 Subject: Mason's Health - Keep An Eye on Mason Hudson, Caught Mason puking in the john earlier today and that wasn't the first time. He's jittery; still mumbling to himself. Says he's got headaches, the doc gave him aspirin, and it's no big thing. My father Gedeon, God rest his soul, suffered from extreme migraines too. And Mason's got all the signs. I told him to get himself ghost, but he refuses. Something about unfinished business. I heard the shrink forcing him to take a leave of absence. Probably a good thing. Maybe you can talk to him. Tell him to take it easy. Retire. He'll listen to you. I'd do it, but it's hard to take a guy seriously when he looks like a pirate, am I right? That bastard Kravchenko did a number on my eye, but I'll take that any day over whatever Mason's going through. FYI. GW Four days after this message is sent, Alex Mason receives a note from a mysterious -- X --: With what we know in Black Ops II, however, this makes no sense. Woods was transferred from the Hanoi Hilton to Da Nang, and then escaped in 1972, six years before this note. This leads me to believe plans changed sometime between Black Ops and Black Ops 2, as they often do in game development. But what other messages did -- X -- send? Well before that previous note, -- X -- left this note: Daniel Clarke was a freelance scientist working for Dr. Steiner in stabilizing Nova 6. He was killed in the mission "Numbers" as he tried to flee, knowing Steiner had no further use for him and needed to tie up loose ends. This reference to Johannesburg is not a one time occurrence, in fact, I believe it is the key to figuring out where Black Ops II was originally going to go. Introducing Operation Charybdis: A top-secret CIA operation to track down Alex Mason, Jason Hudson, and Grigori Weaver in Johannesburg. Alex Mason headed for Johannesburg in search of Daniel Clarke's brother, perhaps on some sort of mission to track down and kill him due to a potential connection to Project Nova. His motivations are not totally known, but it was clear he was ready to go through with it: From: Hudson, Jason To: Mason, Alex Date/Time: Tuesday, July 4, 1978 Subject: Don't Do It Mason, I saw the report and I know what you're thinking. Stay away from Johannesburg, you got that? They're watching you, especially that Kain guy up in S.A.D. He's just dying for you to blow it. Don't give him the excuse. Stay away from Johannesburg, Mason. Stay away. JH. To catch everyone up to speed on Hudson and Mason's relationship, everyone in the CIA doubted Mason's mind could be fixed after he killed Steiner, but Hudson refused to simply let Mason be killed. He used methods from MKUltra to try and break through to him and find the location of the Numbers station, which was set to activate sleeper agents across the US and release Nova 6 on the population. After finding the station and killing Dragovich, the bond and trust between the two became closer. Weaver came to trust him as well. It seems that Mason left for Johannesburg, and Hudson and Weaver followed him there. Richard Kain deemed this a danger to national security. How did Hudson know that Richard Kain was watching them? Because our friend, -- X --, told him: I've discussed the enigma that is D. King in another thread, but who is Richard Kain? Richard Kain is the Associate Deputy Director of the CIA's Special Activities Division. He was the one leading all of the Black Operations performed throughout the campaign. Working with him is Ryan Jackson, a chief analyst in the CIA. His name is a play on Jack Ryan, a famous Tom Clancy character who is also an analyst in the CIA. He may not get any direct mention in the campaign, but he is pretty important behind the scenes. He is the one who selects candidates for Operation 40, the mission to assassinate Fidel Castro, which brought Woods, Mason, and Bowman together. He is the author of all but one piece of intel collected in the campaign. It is also important to note that even before Mason went rogue and went to Rebirth Island to kill Steiner, Ryan Jackson heavily distrusted him, believing him to be compromised after escaping Vorkuta. It was Jackson who proposed that escaping Vorkuta would be impossible for just two men, and that his escape may have been purposely allowed. Nevertheless, Mason is allowed to be a field agent: From: Kain, Richard To: Jackson, Ryan Date/Time: Wednesday, October 23, 1963 Subject: RE: Op Status - Mason Ryan, Your concerns are sound but your request to reassess Agent Mason's field status is denied. The call has been made and it's over. Mason offers the Agency the best opportunity to track down and eliminate Dragovich, You've compiled the reports; you know this better than anyone. Leave it alone. Kain So Jackson does not trust Mason, and didn't right from the start. Skipping ahead to 1978, Richard Kain promotes Ryan Jackson to being his Special Assistant. Sometime after July 4th of that year, Mason, Hudson, and Weaver go to Johannesburg. Then, Kain asks Jackson to compile all known information on Nova 6: Soon after, Kain forwards the details of Operation Charybdis to Jackson, at which point, Ryan Jackson requests temporary field status for this Operation. He wants to partake in the mission to take down Mason himself. Now, it's personal: The above message is the latest date we see throughout the CIA Data Server. If this was all meant to lead into the Black Ops II we know, then it can be assumed the mission failed, or the CIA eventually sided with what Mason was doing. But I believe that, originally, Black Ops II was going to be centered around Operation Charybdis, the continuation of Nova 6, and Ryan Jackson. Perhaps you would even play as Ryan Jackson as he hunted the trio. There's one more trail to follow, a trail started, once again, by -- X --: Following this revelation, Weaver sends a request to Ryan Jackson asking him to help search for this long-lost niece. Richard Kain tells Ryan Jackson to deny his request completely, and get him off the subject. Why is this? Well get ready for this one: From Ryan Jackson's files: To sum this biography up, Kristina was a KGB agent who once assisted the CIA, but had refused to switch sides. She later joined the GRU, forming a relationship with Dragovich's protege, Colonel Anton Vanya. After becoming pregnant, she tried to end the relationship, and was beaten mercilessly by Vanya. She then agreed to work with the CIA as a double agent. The kicker? Her current GRU assignment is to track down and seduce Alex Mason. The CIA wants to use her and this mission to carry out Operation Charybdis. Double agents? Family drama with Weaver? Sounds like an excellent plot device in a future game to me. Conclusion I have a feeling this original Black Ops II would have expanded on the information found in the terminals, with perhaps the identities of characters such as -- X -- and John Trent being revealed. Mason would be further at odds with his duty as a member of the CIA, and must find out what is real, and what's just inside his head. So why did we get the Black Ops II we know? Frankly, I believe it has to do with the primarily future setting. It worked wonders for marketing the game as a new take on the franchise. So the story was done differently to account for this, with the main story being focused in the year 2025, and thus all this buildup was swept under the rug. Interestingly enough, there actually DOES exist a Black Ops game taking place within the timeframe between Black Ops and Black Ops 2. It was called Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified, a game released exclusively for the PS Vita and forgotten due to the fact is was on such an unpopular platform. It can be debated whether it is canon or not, but the game's story was designed to act as a bridge between Black Ops and Black Ops II, which launched the same day. In it, you play Spec Ops-like missions controlling Woods and Mason. In one mission you track down an associate of Friedrich Steiner attempting to restart Project Nova, and in another you hunt down a Nicaraguan Cartel Leader, who happens to be Raul Menendez's father, a man directly referenced in Black Ops 2, whose death causes Menendez to despise the Americans. Ryan Jackson even acts as the narrator at the beginning of each mission it seems, with him recalling these missions in the 1990s. But there is no reference to Charybdis. What do you all think? Would this have been a better Black Ops II, or did you like what we got more?
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    Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, and @Tac. In this week's episode, we continue to discuss where the line should be drawn between gameplay and story. This week, specifically, we talk Blackout, the battle royale that seems to be a crossover between many differing, incompatible universes. Does it mean anything? Naw, not really. Is it fun to talk about? Yeah. What are some examples of gameplay mechanics being canonized that you can think of? Do you prefer the two stay separated, or should everything be canon? What sense can you make of the Treyarch multi-verse? Post a comment below!
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    I'll try to keep this short. I want to get this theory out there as best I can. Please let me know what you think. Buckle in. So it may be a stretch here. But as far as I can tell mob of the dead and blood of the dead are not the same iteration of Alcatraz. Blood I feel is more of an at the end of the world type place. Hence the mass amount of souls that seem to outnumber the prisoners that died there? Furthermore I'm wondering if the reason why we see the plane flying in shadows is because it's the four together during mob of the dead. Whereas the plane having landed in the giant could be the continuity where all escapes successfully. Hence the drawing of Ultimus Richtofen on Blood. Maybe Al made it back to Alcatraz or to this version at least... I really am not sure as I've not played any bo4. I simply caught the video of the drawings on one of the maps from bo4. It would be a clever way to interpret the story line. It stands to reason. I mean we know that the souls the collected we're in different timelines as well as the characters having just met back up after hunting different types of richtofen. It would also make sense of the quote on the drawing of Ultimus Richtofen. "Who the hell are YOU?" A man from 1930s prison just stumbles into Der Riese facility. Idk like I said it may be a stretch but it seems to fit from what I know. We KNOW that three timelines stray off from mob. The one where Stanley goes on to live a normal life. The one where al is killed and the one where al lives. I wasn't really sure where to place this so I figured a new forum?
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    Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, and @Tac. In this week's episode, we decide to unwind and have a casual discussion about our love for Zombies as a whole. What is it about Zombies that makes it special to you? What is your favorite map? Where do you see the future taking Zombies and its community? Post a comment below!
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    So i'v been thinking about this for a while and given everything thatsgoing on in the world at the minute it's the perfect time to begin working on it. I want to make an animated version of the aether story line in episodic form. I know this is something that a fair few people whould be interested in so i'm sticking it here to see if anyone wants to get involved. I myself am a writer and musician but i'd love to here from anyone who wants to get involved. Currently this is just an idea, I haven't written anything and havent as of yet done much planning i'd like to get a team together before all of that starts. So yeah basically if you wanna get involved just let me know!
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    With my knowledge Im pretty sure that it will require one bow if your playing ranked because when I first did the easter egg on offline it needed all four bows and except if your playing online ranked you will need all four bows
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    Memorandum To All Research Stations Chapter 32: "Black Cats"
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    @prestige_master Install the game_mod first: https://github.com/Nukem9/LinkerMod/releases/download/v1.3.2/game_mod.zip, extract it to your game folder and then select the Bo_Mods file, right click and "edit", change it from BlackOps.exe to BGamerT5.exe So every time you go to play open the bgT5Launcher put it on Start Hostmode and then run the Bo_Mods file
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    It all bottles down to a sense of community and empathy. It's 100% okay to be afraid. You're right to distinguish between showing confidence right off the bat versus tackling the core issue, the feelings around it, and building confidence by strengthening one another. To me, it's the same process of buying food vs. making it yourself; you need to identify the problem first before you can tackle the issue. Some people, unfortunately, don't see that. I love how you phrased it all, @anonymous.
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    This is tied to another question I've been wondering about, which is when Origins actually start? Similarly to The Giant, it seems like the crew again forgets how they really got there. "You don't even remember, how long this has been going on, how long we have been trapped here" (Samantha to Richtofen in Origins) Similarly, in the beginning cutscene you see Richtofen looking at his hands. You may think this is because he is shocked he killed Maxis, but what if he is just confused at what happened previously and where is he now, in the same way the characters from The Giant seem to get confused? Food for thought.
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    Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, @Tac, and @NaBrZHunter. In this week's episode, we review the radios present in Call of the Dead and Tag der Toten as well as the timeline to get a better understanding of Group 935's operations at the Siberian Facility. What is the significance of the spleen? Did Richtofen break the trust barrier? What do you believe are the ramifications of creating the Elemental Shard? What do you make of the spy debacle? Post a comment below!
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    I hope it is well optimised as in no glitches, no crashes, not taking up 100 GB out of the box and another additional 100 further down the line. I expect nothing of the above, but I do expect a fresh start with some great new ideas. If some form of zombies is in there, don't do aether, don't do chaos, do something new, Treyarch. I also want a sick soundtrack and basically a great mix between WaW and BO1 in regards to campaign and in MP I want some good maps with no safe spaces.
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    Posting this here just in case it will be relevant:
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    ? hope is a dangerous thing for cod zombies enthustiasts like us to have, but we have it... we have it ? (hopefully funny) musical references aside: This years CoD is a bit late in terms of it's reveal. I hope everything is going somewhat ok with the peeps at Treyarch.
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    I don't fully seem to understand it yet. It's about this part? "Number station <redacted> is Protocol Yellow. Activate <redacted> system. <redacted> is inbound. Awaiting correct authorization." Has there been mentions of any other number stations besides the Black Ops campaign? Curious how this is shared right after that Black Ops numbers 10 years trailer we got yesterday. Clearly I misunderstand some points, anyone care to explain? Also if this has any relevance, I'm gonna post this recently created thread by @RichKiller:
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    I had no idea these existed, and they totally make sense as being from the Avogadro. I'd like to add his radio whisper quotes in Alpha Omega, which do have some similarities: In particular though: The phrase "Go into the light" means to accept death, which might be the original intention with "Go to the light", but it may be used in a different context here. Also, in relation to "Energy can only be transformed", Avogadro also says in AO: Then there's "The future is ours to destroy", which relates to two quotes where he indicates he has seen the future from within the APD: The future he is referring to could potentially be the breaking of the cycle, and the way that inevitably ends up. By saying the future is ours to destroy, perhaps he is saying we must prevent that future from happening. Not sure though.
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    I made it to wave 62 that is my highest wave on a game so far. I messed up quite a few times but it was a good game
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    Went ahead and added Won't Back Down, Party Time (CotD Intro/Trailer), Nightmare, Carry On, Evil Ways (MotD Trailer), Rusty Cage, Ace of Spades, I Put a Spell On You (Voyage Trailer), Right Where We Belong, and Mad Hatter to the best of my ability based on sources I could find. Also, as a bonus, I added My Way:
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    Hey everyone, I'll start by saying it's been years and years and years since I've been here. (I was under the account name minator177 but for some reason couldn't remember which email address I used for that account to reset the password) Anyways, just wanted to share one of the craziest coincidences ever, I think you guys will appreciate it as it is zombies related. So a couple years ago I went on a 2 year, full time mission for my church. Just to give context, an exciting part of this service is being assigned where you'll be located, as it's not your choice, just based off revelation from church leaders as to where they think you are needed. So I get my assignment in December 2015 that I'll be in Micronesia from February 2016 to February 2018. When I arrive to the mission, I'm assigned to serve on the island of Pohnpei and learn the language there. It was the coolest place to live and the people were so awesome. I was having the time of my life. Part of being a missionary is that you have to stay focused on the work, so no video games. I know. No zombies for 2 years. No phone. Just one weekly email time with family. But I definitely used this time to ask my friends about zombies news to keep up with things. So here's the kicker- my friend tells me that there's a new map coming out, Zetsubo No Shima, which takes place on Pohnpei. Totally blew my mind you guys. To be living on an obscure little island barely bigger than the size of Disney World in the middle of the Pacific. To have my favorite game ever come out with a map that takes place there while I just happen to be there. Still totally crazy to me lol.
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    Hang on, let's say Reznov survived (though we dont have absolute confirming evidence for this), did he, the Red Army sergeant who fought on the streets of Berlin, really met Mason? Maybe Reznov is merely the manifestation of Mason's programming, having a human skin to look more personal. How could a WW2 veteran like him have the knowledge to manipulate braincontrol? I believe somewhere we heard that Reznov was the first archetype, so clearly the CIA had full knowledge of his appearance etc. Combining this with this John Trent CIA guy who might be Reznov makes me wonder...did Reznov ever got out of Project Nova? Perhaps all of our encounters with him post-WaW was a copy of him inplanted in Masons mind?
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    Alex Mason was in Dallas the day of the assassination. He was definitely involved in the plot, if not the one to pull the trigger, rather than Oswald. Oswald may have been one of the sleeper agents, or at the very least someone working for Dragovich. Also worth noting it is later revealed in Black Ops, or at least highly suspected that Mason was allowed to escape Vorkuta in order to be sent back to the US and act as a sleeper agent. This brings into question why Reznov managed to escape as well, and that may be because he knew Mason would be allowed to escape, and so he added his own programming to Mason as well as sticking very close to him the entire time, knowing he was meant to escape. From that point, it seems like his orders to kill Dragovich, Kravchenko, and Steiner are triggered in times of stress and when he sees any of the trio. Every time that Reznov appears in Black Ops after Vorkuta, it is when Mason is potentially under threat of death, at which point Reznov swoops in to save the day. In reality, it is Mason's instinct kicking in to pull him out. Reznov helps him out of a crashed helicopter, when he is walking through the rat tunnels towards Kravchenko's underground lab, when he arrives to kill Kravchenko, when he arrives to kill Steiner, and in BO2 after being left to die in the desert.
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    This is amazing Richkiller! Big brains to you! I never really understood the Ascension sequences, but thanks to you I kinda think I do now :) Do you have any idea how anyone came up with the key of 'Profiles in Courage'? Does this mean the sleeper agents are still out there? Considering this was broadcasted during the final moments of the Campaign, we don't really know what happened after Drakovich was killed. Would there still be a potential Nova-6 hazard out there during the time between BO1 and BO2? Also why would Mason say 'Oswald compromised'? How does he know about him? We also still got this conversation: Good notice on the unsolved sequence. How you say it, it seems almost certain that it indeed is sneaky Reznov's programmed message. I wonder why that message is encountered at those moments, when Mason thinks he saw Reznow. Now I am one of the believers that Reznow survived Vorkuta, but it would be impossible to be actually present at all those locations Mason sees him, so if we consider this as an illusion, why would it correspond with the moments the sequence is there? How is that sequence transmitted anyway, or is it connected with the part of Mason's brain that has memories of Reznov? Notice also how there are no numbers during Mason's encounter with Reznov during the Soviet-Afghanistan war in Black Ops II. If the sequence truly is 'Dragovich. Kravchenko. Steiner. All must die.', this could explain why, as Kravchenko, the last surviving person of the trinity, has just been killed. Mission completed, no more numbers. Again, awesome work and to Rad too
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    We’ve all heard tales of Nazis exploring the southern extremities of the globe. They made a territorial claim on an area of Antarctica between 20°E and 10°W in Queen Maud Land, naming it Neuschwabenland (New Swabia) and setting up several sciencific stations in early 1939. Numerous alleged experiments with strange technologies were being performed here, most notably in a fortress that was named 'Base 211', located under the frozen Muhlig-Hoffman mountains. Many authors propose that in 1947 Admiral Byrd, one of the most famous American polar explorers, searched for secret Nazi bases. It is proposed that the Operation Highjump, when Admiral Byrd had at his disposal the largest armada ever sent to Antarctica, was established to investigate a Nazi presence. Operation Highjump included 13 ships, aircraft escort, aircraft carrier, a submarine, two destroyers and a total of 4,700 men with full battle gear in what was officially called an ordinary ‘training exercise.’ However, some believe that Operation Highjump was anything but a training mission. In a later interview with Byrd, he was supposed to confirm this by telling that the Nazi's were developing Vril flying saucer-shaped craft there, and to prevent a new war the United States had to intervent. But the secret Nazi stronghold didn't merely continue the development of highly technological advanced wünderwaffe, it is supposed there was another reason for their residence in the deep south. Here follows an excerpt from Admiral Byrd from february, 1947: What did they stumble upon? Conspiracy folks claim that there is an access point to Hollow Earth located at Antarctica, as well as underground bases and pyramids believed to be extraterrestrial in origin, and that the world governments are keeping this as a secret. The Nazi's interest in Antarctica is connected with their belief that it is the lost Aryan homeland of Thule, Atlantis or Hyperborea, which is possibly still inhabited by their extraterrestial ancestors. Now it was obvious for them that no society could live in such a bare, cold environment. This is why the Nazi's searched underground, discovering tunnels volcanically heatened and allowing foreign plant species to grow. These caverns led deep under a frozen lake which would later be known as Lake Vostok, and it was the entrance to a whole different world, on within ours: Hollow Earth, Agartha. The Nazi's didn't only enter this subterranean domain, but they also made a complete map of the hemispheres of the inner realm of Agartha! Using mythical artifacts found in this hidden realm, they developed even more sophisticated technology. Interesting enough, it has also believed that an extensive cloning project was being practiced there far away in the frozen wastelands. In 1957, the territory of New Swabia was divided between several nations. The Soviet Union claimed the area of Lake Vostok. I won't pull any punches: What if Call of the Dead and Tag der Toten take place at Lake Vostok? Firstly, the environment of the 'Siberian Facility' simply doesn't correspond with the actual Tunguska area. The Tunguska river lays in the taiga, a boreal forest with mainly coniferous trees. The area is also generally flat, in opposition with the mountain range we see in Tag. Also while it can get extremely cold in Siberia, such large chunks of floating ice is really something only seen in the far North...or South. Lastly, we see a lake as far as the eye shows. The only lake in the Tunguska area is Lake Cheko, which is approximately merely 500 by 300 meters. As Antarctica has a gateway to Agartha, it would explain the presence of such a mythical artifact like the Vril Device. The Siberian Outpost basically features a secret Nazi base including a cloning facility, similar to Base 211. The presence of the Soviets could be explained by the fact that the USSR claimed the territory of Lake Vostok after 1957. Now there are also quite some interesting connections between CotD (Lake Vostok) and Shangri-La (Hollow Earth). Firstly, let's note that Ultimis went to Shangri-La via the Siberian Outpost. Secondly, we have George's assistant Sally suddenly finding herself in Shangri La. It would also explain why George is different than regular zombies, as he goes into the lake to heal every time, he might actually go to Agartha to use pure Vril energy to heal. The proposed underground pyramids might actually be those from Shangri-La. And the biggest mystery, of course: The Secret. Both the Siberian Facility and Shangri-La seem to be located on or near Mars. There clearly is a connection between the two locations. Now why would it be called 'Siberian Outpost' while it might be located on Antarctica? Does the Timeline lie? Is the name a distraction? Sorry for this quick and messy end conclusion, I have little time. But feel free to share your opinions on this idea.
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    I agree with Rad. If Shangri La, Buried, and Tag der Toten have taught us anything, then the Siberian Base could be located in Siberia and Antarctica. It is like a Geological Schrödinger’s cat, the base is there and not there at the same time. And, it is most definitely because of the Hollow Earth. You are right on the money. It could function similar to the Hollow Earth in Monsterverse series. This version of the Hollow Earth has subterranean entryways and tunnels creating a highway that connects various points around the globe. The series stays close to the classical depiction of the conspiracy theory. In Zombies, the highway may or may not be a physical connection. I would also bet it has to do with leylines as we have discussed before. It is very strange that we haven’t gotten anything related to Antarctica in the story by now. I am also shocked that Admiral Byrd hasn’t been mentioned especially in Classified or Alpha Omega. Finger’s crossed it is because they are saving it for a future plotline. I may be misremembering, but Tag takes place on the coastline of Russia, right? The connection to Tunguska is because the Soviets moved the materials to Tag.
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    With Shangri-La being a time-traveling, and seemingly a location-travelling temple, and the new connection between Shang and the Siberian Facility, despite the name, the Siberian Facility can be anywhere and everywhere. Spending part-time in Antarctica would be a great explanation for the icy shore. Also, love the Admiral Byrd connection.
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    Just for clarity, I merged my thread with Cal's, as they were basically a response upon one another. @RichKiller that's actually a very good observation and I never noticed this subjectivety even in the Timeline. Additional evidence that some party (presumably the Keepers) can use the timeline as a propaganda tool. I'd prefer to use Radzakpak's! ?
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    An important question to address is who writes the Kronorium. While the book itself has Apothicons symbols, we do see in the timeline page one of the common keeper phrases. Moreover, it is not clear whether Monty wrote these paragraphs, or did he just approve it. Either way, we know the book hides information related to Ultimis Richtofen, such as the origins of the polarization devices. A very odd entry is the Der Riese one: Ultimis returns to Der Riese. With his diary, Richtofen plans to use the teleporter to return to the moon and confront Samantha. Unfortunately, the Wunderwaffe DG-2 overload the teleporter and sends them through time — causing Richtofen to drop his diary. Besides the odd idea that Richtofen was going to confront Samantha without the vrill device and the focusing stone, the book seems to be supportive of Ultimis Richtofen, by saying that the so called accident is Unfortunate. Also this is another example of the Kronorium hiding information pertaining to Ultimis Richtofen's true plans. One has to remember that the true goal of this timeline page is to make Primis Richtofen to act according to the cycle. Monty wants the cycle to keep on going, since it makes sure that Monty and the keepers remain the winners over the Apothicons, as both creatures have the ability to cross time and space. However Ultimis Richtofen knows a simple lesson in probability: If a event has a non zero probability to occur, even the most tiny probability, across infinite repetitions it will happen - in other words, the cycle will break at one point or another. Ultimis Richtofen prepares the ground to the day it happens. Breaking the cycle is the perfect opportunity for him to full Monty, and perhaps even the Shadowman. As such, the cycle serves Ultimis Richtofen as well. It is not clear whether Ultimis Richtofen is fully manipulated by the Shadowman, which wants to break the cycle as well. Regardless, it seems that Ultimis Richtofen is capable of such actions. Ultimis Richtofen never loses a battle, and even when he seems to lose, it's only a part of his plans. This is also parallel to the Apothicons, which also use the strategy of losing a conflict in order to win a bigger one. The storyline is chaotic because it is about a war of very strong entities, perhaps even gods as Monty would like you to think. The question is whether Ultimis Richtofen is one of these entities, or is he only another pawn.
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    Aw, appreciate your defence of these alien underdogs. This still fits with the tales of the Judeo-Christian Holy Books when we look, as said earlier, to the concept of the Fallen Angels. This term refers to angels (aliens) that were expelled from heaven (Agartha). Christian doctrine states that the story of these Fallen Angels begins before the history of mankind as they are identified with angels who were led by Satan in rebellion against God. Now whenever you see the word 'rebellion' in a history book, this word can always be used subjectively. In the case of the Vril Ya, this rebellion seems to be the creation of the Aether Pyramid Device, and all of it's consequences. We cannot really pick a side since we don't know what happened: Perhaps Monty's faction wanted to keep the power for himself. Perhaps Rapt's faction wanted to take over the power of Agartha. Likely, there was no 'good' or 'bad side' and each of the parties fought for power. This is something I have questionized so often, you know. Why do the Apothicans want to consume universes that badly? Monty's "that's just what they do" explanation sounds so implausible that I even start to wonder if his alien race is really that advanced. Personally, I haven't even thought of this explanation. But if they destroy everything, and thereby the Aether, doesn't that only leave the Aether? After all, the Aether was the first, prior to the existence of universes. It really is the prima materia. Another, less sexy, potential hypothesis I had thought of is that the Apothicans might simply function as the Multiverse's detritivores, recycling the energies of consumed universes. Like fungus (ironically) and earthworms transform organic matter into anorganic in the carbon cycle. Last thing I want to say is that often, Fallen Angels were said to tempt humans to sin. Now one thing we cannot deny about the Apothicans is that they seem to get power from sinning people. Take the Warden as example, the prisoners, or, perhaps most notably, the four sinners of Morg City. Only they seem to be able to contact the Shadowman. Why would this be?
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    Cool thread, definately Asylum stuff here! I think there is even one more connection between D63's Group 935 and the Illuminati. As the official origins of the Illuminati lays in the 1700s, Bavaria, conspiracy theorists also look to the Freemasons and Knights Templar as their predecessors (see that thread Mattzs shared for the extensive story). Having said that, would it be coincidence that Group 935 somehow acquired Pablo's diary in which a sacret Knights Templar site was marked? Combining this with the fact that Illuminati symbols are found in Shangri La, on gongs and stones that originate from a time way before G935's arrival there, could the ancient origins of this secret Order lay at humanity's early contact with the Keepers? The Knights Templar would be shows the first glimpse of the possibilities and danger of the Aether and it's 115th Element, and this information was passed on in the Western world in which would later be known as the society of Illuminated. 'Illuminated' with knowledge, perhaps? Now I know the following stuff I will say has absolutely no evidence, it's a far strench but let's do a 'what if...'. I think you are spot on that the Illuminati are an interdimensional organization. They know about teleportation, even further proved by their telegram found in Kino der Toten. Now I am thinking about Pernell's plan to make his Broken Arrow program global. After all, this was the reason for the meeting with Castro at the Pentagon. Now we never notice anything of international cooperation during the Black Ops campaigns, but it could be of course that this cooperation concerned only Element 115, the undead and defending the world against Samantha (meanwhile all political conflicts, wars, etc rage on). It could be that the international cooperation became a failed idea, but we got that sign of International Zombies Center at Die Rise, which used to be a Broken Arrow facility. From this I conclude that at some point, Broken Arrow went global. Having an secret organization that researches the abilities and history of 115 globally, without any nation counteracting it, the potental is limitless. This could be our Nova Ordem Mondial, the New World Order. We know Agonia Maxis had contact with Broken Arrow (from the future) at some point, so they weren't unknown of travelling and manipulating other dimensions, it seems. Interdimensional puppetmasters. Could they have set up Group 935 in Dimension 63? This always buggered me, as indeed Richtofen sounds somewhat positive and even loyal to his overlords at the Illuminati in Shi no Numa and Der Riese, while in Kino der Toten he clearly says that "the Illuminati will never get their hands on him again", stating his envy for them.
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    Hi new guy. I loved training when it was the new thing back in SNN. In BO3, it got a little forced, and in BO4, it killed the game entirely (52% on xb gave BO4 1 star). Camping is fun, training got really, really old and unfun by BO4. To this day, every zombie player that I speak with irl misses 4 man camping in the old WaW maps. Nobody says "running around alone is so awesome". Ha.
  38. 1 point
    The lore about Nan Sapwe. This is what Tac found about it's mythology: This Thunder God was actually a Keeper, one of the Ancient Aliens that visited humanity in the past. With this thread and the language revealed, we can finally translate that what was written on the hieroglyphics. "Evil" and "Rise" --> "Evil rises" "Keeper" and "Protect" --> "The Keeper protects" "Seal up/away" and "Cross/move beyond/venture" --> What happened here? What is sealed up? Could the tentacles imply that the presence of the skull seals up the Apothican demons at that location? "In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming"
  39. 1 point
    Using this language it appears to me that the altar of the Skull of Nan Sapwe reads 'horrible consequences'. I assume that refers to the fact the skull can be used as weapon. I haven't fully solved the human skull altars yet, though I know one translates to 'blood'. EDIT: Okay so took a look at the human skulls in=game, and one is 'blood', one is 'resist/fight', one is 'chaotic' and one is 'horrible consequences/doom', just like the skull of Nan Sapwe itself. Also checked the symbols on the trial pillars but those don't include actual words

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