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  • Use your hard-earned Divinium to reap several different rewards in our 115 Catalog - where you can purchase digital and physical items for on-site and off-site purposes. If you wish to farm more Divinium, why not donate to help fund CoDz and get a nice extra DV bonus in return? For more info about Divinium, click here.


    Verruckt 11" x 17" Poster

    mw431d.jpg 3,000
  • card-36.png

    36-pack Trading Cards

    mw431d.jpg 10,000
  • title-cursed.png

    "Cursed" Forum Rank

    mw431d.jpg 500
  • dzjxxi.jpg

    Juggernog Coffee Mug

    mw431d.jpg 5,500
  • 2wdrcdt.jpg

    Group 935 3" Sticker

    mw431d.jpg 1,250
  • 30t723a.jpg

    $10 Xbox GC

    mw431d.jpg 3,000
  • card-9.png

    9-pack Trading Cards

    mw431d.jpg 2,500
  • title-theorist.png

    "Theorist" User Rank

    mw431d.jpg 500
  • 14r0uh.jpg

    "Time Traveler" User Rank

    mw431d.jpg 500
  • 2vwwd3m.jpg

    Heroes 2.0 3" Sticker

    mw431d.jpg 1,250
  • i3ewjr.jpg

    $10 Playstation GC

    mw431d.jpg 3,000
  • card-18.png

    18-pack Trading Cards

    mw431d.jpg 5,000
  • 2cws7rt.jpg

    "Undead Hero" User Rank

    mw431d.jpg 500
  • xlldz8.jpg

    CoDz 3" Sticker

    mw431d.jpg 1,250
  • 2evz1ba.jpg

    $10 Steam GC

    mw431d.jpg 3,000
  • Want to get those delicious cards from the Zombies TCG? Choose your deck size and start collecting from Dr. Monty's Card Vault today! All proceeds go to keeping our server up and running, while providing more awesome Zombies rewards for the slayers. Note: Each pack comes with custom "Mystery Box"-styled packaging.

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