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Shi No Numa Fast early rounds strategy (Rounds 52-57 gameplay)

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This was my first go experimenting with this and is pretty much just camping in the entrance to the Comm Room with the Wunderwaffe, using Gobblegums to get ammo when needed. You can start using this strategy early on without ammo problems and this will get you to round 50 easily, but after round 60 you're going to start running into ammo problems. It looks pretty hectic but it's actually easy, just shoot when a zombie gets near you and have monkeys for when you need to buy some time.

You're best to only open the stairs out of the first room and that's IT - opening any other doors will slow the strategy down and won't be as effective on ammo. You could get away with opening a door somewhere to get to the box.

With this strategy I had the following Gobblegums:

Reign Drops
Crate Power
Cache Back

If you're using this as an early rounds strat to get to the high rounds, you could do away with Cache Back and Immolation and hope you get lucky with the Wunderwaffe out of the box using Crate Power to upgrade it, and then the monkeys. It's totally fine to open the Flogger trap area to get to the box if it goes there since this will get opened for high rounds anyway, but if it goes elsewhere then it might be a good idea to restart. So you could replace these two gums with Wall power and Bullet Boost to get Dead Wire on a wall gun for the high rounds.


As you've probably realised, this is Gobblegum-heavy, so I'd advise you dashboard when you've finished playing or you go down and it looks like you're gonna die before you get to rebuy perks, which will be hard anyway with the doors closed so I'd probably just quit if I went down.

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