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The Meh    83

So, ever since I joined this forum, I have always wanted to have some form of a radio or music instilled into it. It's not as if that is one of the less-great ideas I would have had - I had previously posted one for PtG when I was a part of their forums, and... well, for the one day it lasted, it worked out very well.


Anyways, enough about PTG.

Recently, I have been talking with @InfestLithium in regards to the idea, and, at his - and the rest of the staff's - discretion... I give to you CoDz Radio!


Link: https://plug.dj/codz-radio




I should probably make this for a better understanding of what we're using to make this. CoDz Radio, for starters, uses a website called "Plug.dj" to host it. "Plug.dj" is essentially a video/media-hosting website, where you can search for YouTube videos or SoundCloud songs to play on a playlist. When it comes to playing, anyone can do it, but there is a "Wait List" as to who gets to play what, and it kinda makes it equal in respects to that.

The room itself will mostly be run through me as its main "Host" (as they call it; kind of acts like the highest rank around), and the Admins/Mods will... well, they will likely be decisive as to their roles in regard to it, but any Admins/Mods will be the next highest rank ("Co-Host"), and any other ranks to that regard will be figured out as time goes on.


This entire thing is very new, and will be tweaked as time goes on, but I am honestly glad to be finally bringing this out to you! So... enjoy it, guys!


Per aspera ad astra,

-The Meh

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The Meh    83

I understand it's a stretch now, but I do need those Mods and Admins onto the plug.dj when available so that they can get themselves ranks within it as well. I know that I am to run this as well, but I have stated that the ranks will translate between the two anyhow. So... yeah.


If none of you that I name in a moment want a part of this, just PM me.





@Hells Warrrior





(anyone else I'm forgetting? tell me this as well)


I'm also thinking that things like UOTM will translate, but this is one of those things that I'll be figuring out soon enough.

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