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The Meh

THE UNITY SERIES | Intuition: A Zombies Story

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The Meh    83

Hello, CoDz.


So, it's almost weird that about a week ago I posted Citadel. Not to gush about it or anything, but that has got to be one of the best, most involved, cinematic and overall great map I've done in a long time... but again, I'm basically gushing here, and it makes me sound overzealous.


Anyways, that's not why I'm posting this. I've just released Citadel, and the oddity here is that I'm already posting something in The Unity Series. Odd, right?


Not entirely, actually. The reality of the matter is that, with the project that would come after Citadel, I just didn't feel that the map concept for it would work as a... well, a map. Henceforth, I decided that it would be best that I take the next particular portion of The Unity Series story and take it to literary form. Essentially an actual cohesive (but not 500 pages long) story.

The idea, within itself, is risky, I know. But I have the courage to go ahead and just do it... and, in retrospective to it, perhaps it won't fail and fall through like... certain projects... yeah, talking to you, Chains of Humanity.

...not that I didn't like writing Chains of Humanity. I just thought that it got boring, and people would get bored reading it.


Anyways, since I'm speaking of Chains of Humanity, I may as well mention that Intuition will be written like I wrote multi-chapter arcs for Chains of Humanity... which, for those who wouldn't know what I mean... I basically make the initial OP and have a Table of Contents at the top for each chapter, then update it as time goes on with an update to the post through a reply, that is basically the next chapter of the story itself. I found that method of chapter progression to work well. In the case for chapters after it... well, we'll have to see what becomes of it.


I'm doing something very risky by changing how I have created The Unity Series since the beginning... sort of... but I hope that everybody that's read my maps before understands that and still appreciates it for what it is.
...that, and those that do read it should prepare themselves, because the next two maps after it are very ambitious - and risky - for what they are. They're also the last two in the series, so... yeah. You guys know me - I like to go out with a bang. (Literal or not? You decide!)


Anyways, I would hate to drone on longer about the inner mechanisms of this - I tend to leave the whole "inner mechanisms of stuff" thing for The Unity Series' narrative anyways... since that's what I love to do.


The Table of Contents will be below.

With that... I wish you well.


Per aspera ad astra,
-The Meh






Preface: "Auras Incertum" (literally, you just read it)

Prologue: "Drift"
Chapter 1: "The Pillars of Creation"
Chapter 2: "Will"
Chapter 3: "Training Fodder"
Chapter 4: "Fear of The Epsilon"
Chapter 5: "Eye on the Darkness"
Chapter 6: "Convergence"
Chapter 7: "Preparation of Prospect"
Chapter 8: "Branches"
Epilogue: "Conversations With Yourself"



Intuition: "L'edizione Prospettiva"

(basically the same as Director's Cut - this will be on the main Unity Series post as well when it comes out)

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The Meh    83

Before I post the Prologue, I figure I should state a particular fact:

This is canon to The Unity Series story. I figured that would be... well, very obvious... but still.

In any case, 'Intuition" is the events following Citadel, to which precede the next map. This pretty much ties together everything and everything pretty much will make sense as it goes along. Large-scale... just think of it as "Chapter IV" of The Unity Series. (Speaking of... I honestly have GOT to fix up the titles of each post to reflect that. Will do soon enough.


Anyways, shouldn't be too long now. Per aspera ad astra!

-The Meh

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The Meh    83

Sorry that I've been unable to post here yet. I've been very busy and such, with school and arranging ideas for the future, mostly post-Intuition future as well. Also, getting proofreaders for it is hard, but I know I can trust them to do it anyhow, so... it's not a concern, ideally.


The Prologue should post in the next few days, and Chapter 1 should follow rather quickly in suit of it. I do hope you like them.

In the meantime... have you read Citadel yet? Citadel (and its prior maps) does Intuition a service in explaining all of the stuff prior to the main Intuition story. So... if you haven't read Citadel yet... read it below! Per aspera ad astra!

-The Meh



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The Meh    83

Alright, well, I should be complacent. I apologize HEAVILY for my radiosilence in regards towards Intuition. It certainly was not intentional.


Honestly, I've been rather busy... in real life. Yep, I have a life, how shocking. Mostly has to do with wrapping up school and getting ready for Graduation. While I'm at the last end of all of it, there is still a lot I will be doing, so... I can't say for certain I can be around too much for that.


Not to mention, I use a school laptop right now, and I have to hand this in around the upcoming week. So, that factors in as well.


But, no worries. I want to deliver something good before I fall back into silence.

...however long my radiosilence to come will last.

Could be a while...


Sorry to be a downer.

Anyways, I'm going to try to get some of Intuition out soon. I want to give a timeframe of "in the next few days", but I don't want to make any empty promises if I cannot find the time. So... yeah. Just keep an eye out for it - I'll do my best to get it out for those that still follow this.


Per aspera ad astra,

-The Meh

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The Meh    83

UPDATE (10/17/17):


It's been a while since I posted in regards to progress on Intuition - with fair reason, given - and I feel I should justify a couple of changes:


       1.) I'm considering changing chapter names. This may not stick, but I'm saying this now so I can give myself that lenience to actually do it.

       2.) I'm still writing. I've been busy. I know where this is going to go, but I need free time. Whereas, I'm not exactly getting that.

       3.) Chances are, I'll be posting this either all at once, or it will all be done and I'll post it over time.


I already feel at a disservice enough for not getting something out sooner, though, so... maybe I can give you guys something soon. Stay frosty?

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The Meh    83




The trial. The test. The gateway. The fire and brimstone. The darkness. The fall. The blinding white light.

All pass by as memories between the crew. The revelation of their fate has borne its seeds within them, and they know that. Gliding through the ebb and flow of space, they recollect on the events preceding them.


Before the journey through the Citadel, Adam had faced his own form of regret. He had wished that he could have chosen a different path in life, that he could have just told his family that he did not want to follow in their military idealism, yet he could not muster this courage. In trial, he realized his lack of courage was not without reason… and yet, just the same, a part of him felt he could have told them off.
Adam comes back to reality, hearing the flapping sounds of his and his group’s angelic Wings, which, compared to the Citadel’s, were flesh and bone. Looking to his right hand, he looks over the bull, Taurus, that now is embedded as a mark in his skin. To his left, he sees Jeanne, looking back to the stars that flow like stones in the water down below them. In this, he realizes that this was the fate that was set before him. He was always meant to carry on this torch, this lifestyle. He was meant to be a pure embodiment of the human strengths, and bravery. Not for the future of his family name, but for the entirety of Earth. It is this notion that he holds dearest. With his newfound confidence, he glides forward.


Jeanne watches as Adam flies past her, catching up to the Prophets’ close trail. An elegance grows as she feels the heavy weightlessness around her. She remembers the visions that beset her mind and wrought her inner pain. In her recollection, she saw herself throw away the lifestyle she wanted to adopt, realizing the will within her. She understands that, confided in her, she has the power to move worlds… renew them, maybe. The Eye of Horus, imprinted to her hand, stares back at her as she glances at its intense effervescence. Waving her hand around, she sees each forceful push around it. Slightly, and yet so beautiful in person. Looking ahead, Jeanne sees Adam conversing with one of the Prophets… the one they call Thomas. Jeanne then decides to glide ahead.


Vladimir and Alex both had been attempting to converse throughout the entirety of flight, yet the sheer feeling of flight itself had taken them. Flying to the others, Alex audibly can be heard, enjoying himself as he spins across the stars. Vladimir, sticking slightly further back, chuckles at Alex’s excitement.


The group then soon stops. The Prophets stare forward at the nebulae that is the Pillars of Creation.


Vladimir looks, in awe. “I… it’s-”

Thomas interjects. “More beautiful in person?”

Vladimir nods.

Thomas chuckles at the response. “Yes, we thought so too. “He” picked quite the surreal location to hide away from outside forces.”


Jeanne floats forward slightly. “You guys keep saying “He”. Not that I don’t admire this innate sense of confusion, but do you mind telling us who “He” may be?”


A momentary silence, and then the Prophets begin to laugh.

“Oh, you are something, Jeanne,” Stacey says, “but you should know.”


The Angels look to each other, all of which are confused. David, seeing this, interjects. “Maybe you don’t exactly see it the way we do… look at the Pillars again.”


The Angels look to the Pillars, and are shocked to find the Pillars are something more. An almost splendorous marble temple, larger than life, appears amid the view of the Pillars behind it. Almost immediately after this, they seem to find themselves at the large doorway into its depths.


The Prophets had disappeared from their sight, and the Angels were worried on what to do next. Then, the door ahead creaks open, and… Vincent, in a corporeal form, pops his head outside of it.


“Well, don’t just stand there! Welcome… to the Pillars of Creation!”



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The Meh    83


Chapter 1: “The Pillars of Creation”


[WRITER’S NOTE: This is a disclaimer about something that I should probably mention before I see anything said about it… so, figuring out Latin for these kinds of things can be bad at times. Considering the use of Latin heavily within the corridors of the Pillars, I figure I should warn that I’m not entirely positive of its accuracy. Else than that, though... enjoy the chapter. I'll elaborate more on this issue in a comment after this is posted.]




The Angels find themselves awestruck by the architecture before them. Marble columns make up the infrastructure of the expansive hallway before them, the ground below shining from its red and beige hues and patterns and the ceiling seeming to be almost infinite in its height. Small trees, bushes and ferns dot the area surrounding the large marble pillars, with stone benches and fountains lining the walls to their sides. The area itself feels almost reminiscent of Greek and Roman architecture, but they know it to be so much more than that.


Four hallways dot the walls beside them, two on each side, with names above them - “Lux Hortus”, “Ramus Potestatem”, “Gratia Somnium”, and “Vapor Serenitatem”, - likely regarding certain areas around the actual place. Perhaps, the most ominous of which, would be the one in direct sight of them, titled “Sanctum Dei”. Below this room’s title, it also says, “Per aspera ad astra, nos vivere et spirare hic vi aeterne in quibus et nos texant.


“It’s quite something, isn’t it?” Stacey starts, appearing instantly in front of them, her usual hazel hue - akin to the other Prophets - now absent, leaving her to a human form. “I assume you have many questions.”


Obligant to her words, Alex slowly steps forward. Glancing just about everywhere at once, noting everything around, he begins to speak. “I… think it would be safe to assume we all are wondering how this place is even possible,” Alex says, glancing to the others, who nod in approval of his words, “So… yeah. How exactly does this place… exist?”


Stacey smirks, chuckling somewhat under her breath.

“To be honest, I was assuming you would ask something… different… ah, doesn’t matter. If you want the more simplistic explanation… you are standing in a plane that rests itself within a barrier between existence and non-existence.” Stacey begins to slowly twist herself in a circle, waving her hands to show the area around them. ”The Pillars act almost like a doorway - the actual plane itself is more of a… mosaic, perhaps. Imagine, if you may, a cup of sugar, diluted into water. Its form changes when reaching that which causes it to recreate itself.”


Stacey faces the Angels again, staring deep into their inquisitive eyes. “Humans don’t know this place - they can’t comprehend it. All of us, though? We have essentially transcended, and therefore travel between is simple. You see that which the brighter universe cannot, and that makes you very special in its will.”


Jeanne interjects. “How are we special, though? You could have likely picked anyone else in our place -”


“- and yet nobody would have done exactly what you have.” Stacey continues from this statement. “I find it fascinating that you don’t already see it, Jeanne! You would have loved it any other way, I’m certain. You would have probably been content with your death, but the universe would not have been. The universe kept calling you, all of you, telling you, urging you to move forward. It cannot live without the gears that make it as special as it is. Listen to the universe, listen to it cry out for solace! The universe needs you… and, we searched for you, for a very… VERY… long time. So… at best, I believe you should look at this in retrospect… think on your words and actions.”


Stacey turns around, walking further towards Sanctum Dei. Vincent appears next, at a column behind them. “Don’t let her get to you too much. As true as her statement was, it wasn’t supposed to be as abrasive as it was.” Vincent smirks. “She’s just… worried, is all.”


Vincent walks ahead, then waves his hands over, urging them to follow. “Well, I don’t see any reason we should keep “Him” waiting too long. Follow me, alright? You need to meet “Him”.”


Standing at the door of Sanctum Dei, Vincent tries to open the door, only to find it unmoved. Relatively agitated, Vincent knocks. “Hey! Thomas, what’s the deal? This door’s never locked!”


An echo of Thomas’s voice reaches through the corridor. “Yeah, sorry! That’d be Stacey. Just a bit of a security measure on her part, I suppose… it’ll just be a minute.”


Vincent shrugs. “Ah, hell. Well, take your time then, Thomas. Believe me - we’ve got all day.”


Vincent looks to the Angels, showing a condescending smile after a moment’s notice. “Great stuff, right? Not exactly sure why Stacey’s concerned, if I’m to be honest with you… although, she pretty much is what keeps the group together and working well, for us. She’s had the most time with “Him”, getting to know the most on the dangers to come. She knows more about the future than she lets off, but… in any case, I’m sure it’s for a good reason.”


Vincent glances towards Adam, who is farther behind the rest of the group, looking around the room. “Hey, Adam, what’s your deal? Still in awe of this place or something?”


Adam turns. “What? Oh, yeah… for a place that doesn’t exist, it certainly looks accommodating.”


Vincent grins. “Ha! Yeah. If you think that’s impressive, you should see the Gardens, down the hallway labeled Lux Hortus. Pretty amazing stuff. Also, Vapor Serenitatem might be to your interest, but… I’ll leave that up to you.”


A screeching sound shouts through the corridor, as the doors to Sanctum Dei begin opening.


“Ah, took long enough.” Vincent states, turning towards the entrance. “Great stuff, Thomas, thanks! Anywho…”

Vincent turns, quickly, and with a smile, looks to the Angels as the end of the hallway ahead of them begins to shine with a bright light.


“Welcome to Sanctum Dei, the birthplace of all causality, the epicenter of all creation! Follow me - it’s time you meet your maker.”



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The Meh    83

So, I said I would go to talk about that Writer's Note a bit, from Chapter 1, and I intend to do so now.


Basically, what happened was that I went to get these Latin words/phrases stitched together... and, given my lack of expertise on the matter, and no other website at my disposal, Google Translate was my only real option. Most of the parts that are in Latin do work, and are pretty much 90% in translation, but, I'm not entirely sure at the same time. The line below "Sanctum Dei" is the worst of it and probably won't translate correct, as the exact translation I want for it just isn't there. I ended up fragmenting it into parts so it would work, and it seemed so sloppy.


For sensible and understandable purposes, I'll translate the Latin for you. Or, I'll give you what I have in terms of it, and show what the original wording was for it. This will be in "L'edizione Prospettiva" as well in the form of the usual comments, but... I'll leave the judgement calls to you guys.


Lux Hortus - "Light Garden". I can't exactly tell you its purpose past it being a "garden". It will be important later, so... yeah, moving on.


Ramus Potestatem - "Power Branch", or, if you will "Branch of Power". Intended to be a training room, and will be coming up as important in the next couple of chapters.


Gratia Somnium - "Grace Dream". Sounds odd, I get it. It's essentially like a "bedroom" of sorts. A resting area. Even they need time to rest.


Vapor Serenitatem - "Steam Serenity". While also a type of relaxation area (for obvious reasons, aka hot springs and such), this area is essentially their bathing area. (Nope, they can't wish their dirtiness away and it be gone like that.


Sanctum Dei - "Holy God". This actually translates 100% correctly.




"Per aspera ad astra, nos vivere et spirare hic vi aeterne in quibus et nos texant." -  "Through hardships to the stars, we live and breathe this eternal force in which we weave."

Yeah, that phrase had the most issues, indeed. Anywho, that's all I have to say on the matter. I'll try to post more of this soon. Per aspera ad astra.

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