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The Meh

THE UNITY SERIES | "The Prophecy of the Ancient Coalescent"

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The Meh    83

"The Prophecy of the Ancient Coalescent":



The Sight of A Million Lives engulfs,

We warn the future Cycles of their “bad wolf”.


A timeline swollen with elemental deceit,

These undead forces would not be beat.

The Prophets rewrite time,

Only to find it still happens, no reason or rhyme.


Interplanetary change and gods among “species”, unearth,

The Earth once again experiences rebirth.

The Angels breathe the landscape and smell the divine lights,

The Prophets see and hear in might and rights.

A Test of Revelation underway, the luminescent rings,

The Angels will gain their halos and wings.


Not all is well, time will change.

The Epsilon will break time with catastrophic range.

The Angels bend will with their minds,

The Past and Future will begin to unwind.





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The Meh    83

NOTE: I'm making this post as a related post to Unity, to act kind of like a telling of the maps that will be coming, and so on. Attempting to do easy poetry and easy telling. I've been writing into it for long enough now, I may as well start writing it now.


Each time I release a map, this will update. So, there's that for you.

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