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Perk Bottle Labels Needed

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Hello. I plan on creating real-life Perk-A-Cola Bottles. I have the bottles. I've scrubbed off the preexisting labels. Now all I need are the Perk Labels. I plan to make the Following Perks:


Speed Cola

Sleight of Hand

Revive Soda

Double Tap Root Beer

Double Tap Root Beer II

Mule Kick

PhD Flopper


Deadshot Daiquiri


Who's Who

Electric Cherry

Vulture Aid

Widow's Wine

Teddy Bear Bottle (Wunderfizz)


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For my perk bottles I personally bought them off of Ebay, and this is the seller I used: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Perk-a-Cola-Stickers-Labels-All-14-Perk-a-Cola-in-Call-of-Duty-Zombies-/271991218620?hash=item3f53f0a1bc:g:1GIAAOSwwpdW8I82


The only thing not included from your list is the Teddy Bear bottle, and this seller does not sell the neck labels.

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