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CoD Zombie Forum CLUB


Xbox One

Now Xbox Live members no longer need to post in the LFG Section. Intead of getting up to get on a computer or having to bust out your cell phone. You will spare yourself from wasting precious time with the hoards!






Once your in you can invite fellow survivors and communicate what your looking for with like minded zombie slayers.





Want to discuss theories, tips, or even solve a Easter Egg together? Why not split up into teams and use Club Chat? It's also a good way to communicate wait times and information on the amount of open slots left.



CoDz Members are encouraged to join as it is an extension of our community. Randoms will notice our passion for Zombies and will see that we our those crazy people on Call of Duty Zombie Forums! :D


Join the CoD Zombie Forum Club and find help from Fellow Survivors. Who knows you might be just what they're looking for!


See you soon!!! -RequixEclipse


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