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Setting up and adding Widows Wine to your map

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Hello everyone. Today I will teach you on how to add Widows Wine to your zombie map and be able to use it. I will try to make this as simple as I can and this is the way I learned to add it and make it work. Very easy steps, just make sure you follow them and do everything as I say. Lets begin!


First you need to download the already made prefab here

Place the prefab in BlackOps3Root/map_source/_prefabs/

Next open up your mapname.gsc in usermaps/mapname/scripts/zm

Under the //Perks comment you'll see the base perk scripts, under the last line (staminup) put the following;

#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_widows_wine;
Close that file and open up mapname.csc in the same directory, find the //Perks line again and add the same code listed above to the script, save and close.

Then that is you, simply rebuild your map and you can now use Widows Wine. :23:

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