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Do you have the Juggernog BO3 Edition?

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Hey, I'm new to the forum and I need your help!

I want to create a set of BO3 perk a cola labels that is very HQ and very close to in game perk a colas.

So what is better than using the original perk a cola labels from treyarch.

If you have the juggernog edition, then you have 4 perk a cola coasters (revive, jugg, speed cola, double tap see: CTY8GR9W4AAomw0.jpg).

You would help me a lot, if you could scan those 4 coasters for me in quiet good quality!

I would even pay you 5 dollar paypal or something.

You would help me a lot and ofc I will publish the labels in the forum once they are done so you can print them on sticker paper and make your own perk a colas.

Thank you, Alex.

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