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Possible Hint from EE completion messages?

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We all know that by now there are already 5 BO3 ZM maps with their respective EEs done. For all EEs, after the finale of the quest, a message will pop up along with the XP granted. Now if we take a careful look at all of them again, we can spot a pattern: Every message consists of 2 words, and they have the same initial letter .

  • Shadows of Evil: Apocalypse Adverted
  • The Giant: Paradoxical Prologue
  • Der Eisendrache: Frozen Freedom
  • Zetsubou No Shima: Horticultural Heroism
  • Gorod Krovi: Mechanized Mourning


As all 5 of them follow this pattern, and the words are, to me, quite obviously chosen on purpose to fit it, I would assume that some sort of hints may be hidden in it.

My first thought on this is the ADFGX cipher on MOTD, as we would have to have a 6-letter-key and given the fact that the current five letters don't make too much sense of being any word, I would suggest that along with the message from DLC4, we may get this 6-letter word for the cipher.

Feel free to leave your thoughts too!

The thread is also on reddit.

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Dlc 4 stan lee confirmed...


Could be a hint to a timeline - started with soe because the alphabet..... but lets see where it takes us



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Well I'm going to be boring and say it's just meaningless trophy/achievement names which sound cool and fun.

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