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The Big Bang Theory and The Multiverse

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Mattzs    10

After listening to Dr. Monty's quotes on Gorod Krovi, he said something interesting regarding the state of the zombies multiverse. 


"Alright! So you've got this universe; this big, change-y already volatile universe... and then you shatter it with a hammer. A metaphorical hammer - and it cracks and splinters into a million other universes. All coexisting, at exactly the same time. (sigh) Do you have ANY idea how difficult that is to keep track of? I may be omnipotent, but I can't be everywhere" (Quote from

  AlphaOmega's Monty thread http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/182913-everything-we-know-about-dr-monty/)


If what Monty says is true, then that would mean that the zombies multiverse was a single universe at one point in time. However, one event shattered the fabric of space and time resulted in the timelines we have now. What could that event be?


I would say look no further than Moon. The 115 rockets were the metaphorical hammer that after blowing up the earth split time and space as well. Furthermore, what was the name of Moon's completed easter egg-  The Big Bang theory (http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Bang_Theory). The name of the achievement/trophy indicates the beginning of a universe (well, a multiverse in this case) as well.




Lastly, this makes me wonder what is the currents state of the "prime" universe. Does it exist outside of space and time as well? Is it the center of the multiverse? 

I have to find the exact quotes but I believe Maxis refers to a "dead planet" in BO3 and I imagine it must be referring to the destroyed earth.


Hope everyone enjoys this and that it is new! 

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