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So I am not going to sugar coat this and make it sound like the most mysterious post "we are so cool for figuring this out" blah blah blah,

new thought, pablo the person we havent even seen, but we have a lot of info ish on, so my newest thought is....


could pablo have been a playable character in BO1? It would explain the portraits. However we know he was killed (correcting a mistake?) however we do have pablos liver on display in der eisendrach if you watch the slide show that is played. a lot of questions surrounding the 4th test subject in the same slide show. i have a feeling the 4th person is the blacked out figure.


now my next thought is about the preordered poster of the cursed one card and the zombie holding the card. Looks like hudson as we all have pointed out, however have you looked at the der eisendrach monitor in the lab in the church? guy is wearing a suit too! now a thought has occured after this thought, A. could this be pablo in zombie form? I mean we cannot tell can we? OR B. he is the man in the poster, and he is super important to the story.


Share your thoughts! I am super curious what you all have to say about this!

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