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Would be nice to unlock weapon skins in zombies...

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Tattoo247    118

Other than the ones listed under "zombies".

I have found myself recently playing multiplayer only for the chance at weapon skins. It's a pretty grueling task for someone who is, and has always been shite at multiplayer. I can average 1-2 keys a game, with the RARE game that I get to dominate in.

My question is, does anyone else find themselves in this situation? I would really like to see something implemented in a patch, or BO4 that allows all cosmetic changes to the game to be obtainable through whichever mode you prefer.

Oh...and after almost 40 levels of grinding in multiplayer, all I've gotten is a MOTD PaP skin for my XM rocket launcher....I'll be sure to brag about it when I'm downing myself from splash damage ;)

A simple, single currency would fix this. Just take out one and keep the other....what if I want to play Multiplayer all day but realize I am really low on Perk-a-Holic gobblegum? I could spin with a chance to get a gum or something completely different, I would be ok with this because in the grand scheme, it would all equal out or more less because you are still playing the same amount, no matter what mode you are in.

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Doppelgänger    150

I think you should be able to trade your Cryptokeys or Liquid Divinium in for COD Points, then you can use the COD Points to purchase the opposite currency to the one you traded. 

We know 30 Cryptokeys are worth 200 COD Points and 3 Liquid Divinium is worth the same, 200 COD Points. So, say you gathered 3 Liquid Divinium is zombies, then you could put it through the trader system and receive 200 COD Points that can be used go purchase 30 Cryptokeys or to waste your time and buy 3 Liquid Divinium. 

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