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Do you think they will add black market weapons?

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The weapons we have in this game is the lowest out of all the games and I'm getting bored with playing with the same weapons. Do you think we will  have black market weapons has there been any hints of it in the code?

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jiipee95    37

I think it would be great if they actually would put them up for everyone (or in dlc maps atleast) without having to get them from the black market. Also it would be nice to have some weapons make a comeback (like Galil) 


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Don't ask reddit about this because they're irrational and stubborn. 


Adding weapons to Dr. Monty's Factory would be fantastic. Getting things like the night claw crossbow, the marshal 16 shot-gun-pistol, and maybe some-fan-favorite returning weapons like the ray gun M2 would be amazing. 


Everyone hates this idea on reddit because they compare it to MP's black-market system. 


This is not the case with Dr.Monty's factory, as there's only 40ish possible outcomes, as opposed to MP's which as over 1000 outcomes. Anyone could earn the weapons in Dr. Monty's factory in less then a week. Hell you could even add things in like: 
New alternate ammo types

New tacticals

Wonder weapons to exchange for the ray-gun in the box. 


And the game still isn't' pay-to-win, as many people claim it to be. 

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