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The Meh

New Der Eisendrache Cinematic Trailer

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Considering that I haven't seen a post yet about this, I figured I'd make one quick about the new Der Eisendrache Cinematic Trailer that was released today.

(Spoiler: IT'S PRETTY F--KIN' SEXY. Masterfully-crafted, in my opinion.)


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Script for anyone to use!


*camera pans around Der Eisendrache*
Dr. Edward Richtofen: The road is long and dark, but I know where we are going. I… we, will complete our mission. I know you have questions, but you have to trust me. I have seen things you wouldn’t believe. Things you couldn’t even imagine.
Takeo Masaki: Richtofen claims knowledge of worlds beyond this realm, do you believe this is possible?
*Dead Again begins playing*
Takeo Masaki: This creature… is not of this world. It is not of any world. A pact has been made, but at what price for my soul?
*slaying the undead commences*
Tank Dempsey: I never trusted you Richtofen, never!
Dr. Maxis: 5… 4… 3… 2… 1...


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