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Dead Ops Arcade 2 Highest Round

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Just wondered how far people have gotten with this game mode so far? Seems to be very little discussion about it and I have to say, although it has plenty of its own issues, I have found it to be the most polished, fun zombies content on BO3 so far, closely followed by Shadows of Evil. I think it's the fact that you get many setting changes, as well as random pole spawns, and more variation in enemies. 

Managed 97 yesterday solo, was disappointed that I didn't get to 100, but will probably leave it at that for solo now.  

Also, is anyone grinding out silverback defeats? I'm not too fussed about those leaderboards, but I see quite a few players on the leaderboards with over 20!




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Got to round 13 with a friend playing it for the first time yesterday.

We were laughing our butts off.

I definitely do recommend.

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