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Weapon Level Up Stats (fixed)

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I haven't seen a post like this yet so here we go. I found a chart that shows each of the weapons in the game and how much they can be leveled up, and approximately how many kills are needed to get to max rank. For anyone who hasn't leveled every weapon up yet:

Note: If the weapon is locked, The weapon will not progess in Leveling up. 
and here's a Tip: If you wanna level up guns fast. Do not Re Pack-a-Punch your weapon... (Dead Wire, Blast Furnace, Turned, Fire Works kills do not count toward the weapon Level) 
Recommend Playing on The Giant with Perkoholic, You can get Deadshot Daiquiri perk and get easy headshots. Levels you and your gun faster

Submachine Guns: 1500-/+ Kills to Max out the Gun Level (MAX=Level 13)

Vesper – Level 4
VMP – Level 8
Kuda – Level 16
Pharo – Level 23
Weevil – Level 29

Assasult Rifles: 2000-/+ Kills to Max out the Gun Level (MAX=Level 14)

ICR-1 – Level 2
KN-44 – Level 7
M8A7 – Level 17
Sheiva – Level 20
HVK-30 – Level 25
Man-O-War – Level 31

Shotguns: 1500-/+ Kills to max out the Gun Level (MAX=Level 10)

KRM-262 – Level 5
Argus – Level 13
205 Brecci – Level 18
Haymaker 12 – Level 33

Light Machine Guns: 1450-/+ Kills to max out the Gun Level (MAX=Level 13)

BRM – Level 12
Dingo – Level 19
48 Dredge – Level 27
Gorgon – Level 31

Sniper Rifles: 650 -/+ Kills to max out the Gun Level (MAX=Level 9)

Locus – Level 11
Drakon – Level 14
SVG-100 – Level 24


Bowie Knife – Max=Level 11
RK5 – Level 9 (1200-/+ Kills to max out the gun level (MAX=Level 7))
L-CAR 9 – Level 22 (1200-/+ Kills to max out the gun level (MAX=Level 7))
XM-53 – Level 28 MAX=Level 8

Re Pack-A-Punch Perks

[Blast Furnace]-[Rate/Fire, Rare]
-Multi Kills
-Kills Count

[Fireworks]-[Rate/Fire, Rare]
-Multi Kills

[Turned]-[Rate/Fire, Common (2 at MAX)]
-Consecutive Kills

[Dead Wire]-[Rate/Fire, Very Common]
-Assist on Kills
-Kills Count

[Thunder Wall]-[Rate/Fire, Common]
-Multi Kills

Source: http://www.nextgenupdate.com/forums/call-duty-black-ops-3-zombies/868532-zombies-weapon-kit-leveling-info.html

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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