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Trading Gobble gums

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So, if you look here in this video recently released by treyarch: 


You'll notice a "Push square to trade for Liquid Divinium" in the lower left. 


This is a great idea, I can finally trade away all these perkaholics that just SIT in my inventory! 

How I think it will work is that all the gobble gum you get can be traded for one liquid divinium. This has bonuses and downsides. You could spend 3 LDs and get 3 "Popshocks", but then what are you going to do with those? Use them? Instead, you can recycle your three gums for a single liquid divinium. That single LD could be the key to getting a killing time. 

On the downside, you could spend 3 and get two "Burned outs" and two "On the houses". The burnouts being worthless, but the on the houses being somewhat valuable, you could trade to get a LD back, but you'd lose the two "on the houses". 


-Upon further thought, I've come up with a new reason this new feature is being added: What if in the new map, we have another feature that can be effected by LD? Like... "New Doctor Monty's Vend-O-bar!" "Try it out! Every bar comes loaded with special abilities to use in game!"

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I was thinking about how it would be nice if I could somehow trade in some of my mega gobblegum for other gobblebum or LD, since I find some of them to be absolutely worthless to me and my playstyle. This wouldn't be my ideal way of doing it but it may be a more fair way of having it available so I'm happy with this.

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