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Fastest possible way to rank up in Zombies!

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If you have no desire to get to the high rounds, if you don't want to sit at the catwalk on The Giant and farm headshots (or you just can't because you don't own the map), if you really want to just farm that sweet, sweet XP, then THIS is the sure fire fastest way to rank up in zombies right now.

Video by FantasticalGamer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeCYRv2Odpjfr41ts_PkiTw


While searching for high round strategies (again) I came across this gem. This is the fastest way I've seen, in terms of efficiency of XP gained, to level up as quickly as possible.

If you can't watch the video or don't want to:

TLDR: Go on SoE, buy the three-shot-burst pistol on the wall, look up and shoot the shadowman until the round skips to 15, then use all your points to buy every door on the map. Then, when you die, restart the game and do it all over again.


So how about it guys? What do you do to rank up? Do you agree with this method?

Happy XP farming my fellow zombie slayers.

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