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Zombie Stands on My Shoulders

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So this happened..


 That's right! I lifted a zombie up onto my shoulders and he downed me. I couldn't look up to shoot him. Then, my friend's monkey bomb didn't attract 2 zombies which beat him down quickly.


I can't 

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Zombie shield on back, fix a window, zombie grabs the shield and beats me down as i can't move.


Dropping off of the ramp by perk in Footlight, zombie for his my head as i drop, he holds me in the air and bars me down as we move across the alley 20 feet up in the air.


They really need to stop the zombies from grabbing/holding you when they hit you.


A lone round one zombie should not be able to triple hit you as you run past, but he can because you basically stop dead when they hit you.


Still one of the least glitchy Treyarch cods, so that's progress i guess.

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