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*SPOILERS*Coalescence Corporation, possible zombie affiliation

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Tattoo247    118

So I got the hardened addition of BO3, and while waiting for all the updates and downloads, I was looking through the class cards that come with the game, it's basically about a 5" cardboard card that has really nice artwork on the front of the classes you can choose from in the multiplayer part of the game one in particular caught my interest, the Reaper.




His bio: "Started as an expensive military R&D project to supplement Special Operations soldiers in the field, the EWR was a cutting-edge prototype combat robot, the most advanced in the world at the time. Budget overruns and embarrassing political incidents left the project all but a resource for scrap metal, except for the one prototype that remained."


Pretty nifty idea, a now self aware robot that is the last of it's kind, and it has a pretty interesting serial number, which is also its nickname: CS-000011-5-EWR . Obviously, there is a 115 in the name so it got me thinking...


The Coalescence Corporation could be the American branch of 115 experimentalists, or at least an evolved branch of engineers.


How does a robot become self aware so quickly? They were scrapped because of budget costs (sound familiar? Maxis and his Nazi funding, probably unrelated) and embarrassing political incidents, what could that mean? Perhaps a 115 leak.

I have the idea that instead of raising a dead army, America was, or is, trying to infuse them into robotics to be easily controlled, if there is no brain then there is less likely a chance of the subject to lose control of it's "purpose".


Lastly I was wondering why they separated the 5 from the 11, then it dawned on my that he is a robot and it could be a play on some binary. I went and translated 000011 and kept getting the number 3, thought that was pretty cool. It ended up being just a nod to 3arc once again, but wanted to share it with you guys just for the sake of knowing.


I'm still curious to see how this corporation plays into the campaign, as I've not beaten it as of now. I definitely don't want to fight 115 infused robots any time soon, but any gap that needs to be filled should.


I'd also like to add the definition of Coalescence: It's a joining of two elements (in general, not just periodic elements) joining together to form one entity. Robots....115....one entity.


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Castun50    16

dude....dude....dude, id like to say your a tin foil hat dude BUT you may be on to something!

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