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Flamethrower, Bow and Arrow, and Other Specialist Abilities

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So, I never got to play with the frame-rate-melter 5000 in WAW, I would be SUPER stoked if Fire-break's flamethrower made it's way into the mystery box. 

Imagine all the fun of the flame thrower WITH OUT ALL THE LAG! ^_^


Furthermore, outrider's bow would be another SERIOUSLY dope weapon. Battery's war machine I could do without, but nomad's flame-flies mines seem cool as well!

Anyone else really want to see another specialist's ability come into play in zombies mode? 

We've seen reaper's psychosis ability (thankyou mr. waffles), we've seen ruin's thunder-smash in the form of the sword, and the wonderwaffe may as well be prophet's temptist, but are there any others like seraph's pistol, or specter's blades you'd like to see? 

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You could argue that the sword they showed off in the reveal trailer is sort of like Specter's ripper blades, though more unique melee weapons is always welcome in zombies imo.

The Hive mines were cool but in regards to zombies they're really not all that different than claymores as they would serve pretty much the same purpose. That being said if they replaced claymores as a more powerful version of them in SoE I would not be opposed to that, would kind of fit with the new creatures  and "beast mode" thing they've shown for the map too.

The pistol could be reworked into a WW, though we already have the classic Raygun and I believe the only other pistol WW was the Winter's Howl (with mixed opinions on that). It would be nice to see them take a crack at another one but I'm not dying to have another pistol WW. Still don't know how Buried's main WW wasn't a pistol of some sort.

If they included a bow and arrow that penetrated zombies or just carried them all with it, that would just be sick and I demand it be put in the game right now.

The only ability right now that I think could be semi-interesting to include would be the Glitch ability, as I would be especially curious to see how they implement it into the lore if they did so...

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The zap guns were pistols. 

Also I beleive the glitch ability was seen in the trailer with the teleporting red nuke-cloud.

Welp, looks like it's time for me to delete my account now.

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