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Dead Ops 2 Ideas

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So with the extra year of development for BO3 and Treyarch promising an all new and epic zombie experience, as well a brief discussion in another thread, it made me wonder if we'll see the return of Dead Ops Arcade. I know it wasn't everyone's favorite map but for me it was still a fun little side bonus. Personally, I think the zombies mode is going to be way bigger now with a new progressive ranking system and the possibility (and I empashize possibiltiy here, not confirmed) of more maps and modes available at launch that we weren't made previously aware of beforehand. And I believe unlocking a hidden sequel to Dead Ops would be a great reward to add to this new ranking system.

So I ask you codz community, would you like to see a sequel to the top-down, twin-stick shooter, monkey-fest? If so do you think they could stylize it like a different retro game, or add a whole bunch of new features and items to use? More than 4 payer co-op? Maybe even a PvP element? Fire away!

Or if you think dead ops sucks and should stay with BO1 feel free to voice your opinion as well, all opinions are welcome here.

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