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- First off, I think I want want to say one thing. WAW, BO1, AND BO2 ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAMES ZOMBIE WISE. In WAW it was so simple. You get your perks, and a ray gun from the box, and you try and survive. No EE's. 

- In BO1, we had more maps with pack a punch, more thing to do (such as easter eggs), you had to deal with george ramero, an astronaut zombie who always screws you over, and don't forget insane training spots like the Kino stage or the ascension landing platform by PhD. (Storyline started to get crazy too)

- Then we have BO2. The monster that IS black ops 2. Crazy new characters, a terrible bus route, and voices inside of our heads. The storyline of black ops 2 completely changed what we had previously thought about it. The Earth was not destroyed completely, and the original characters returned to their young bodies. So WTH happened between origins and the new Der Riese remake? 

- Black ops 3 will be insane, storyline wise. 

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The Earth was destroyed, Origins is set in the past and has the younger versions of the characters as they first met.

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