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Full-Metal Theory

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Ok, here's my latest theory based off this tweet from our favorite troll, (After the one that guards the bridge). 



Sorry, I yet to understand pictures on this new site. 



Either way, this is called the full metal theory because of a similar trope used in a popular anime called "Full-Metal Alchemist". 

Spoilers ahead for FMA. 

In FMA, there is the property in alchemy called the gate. Within the gate lies the truth. The truth is, on the other side of the gate is WW2. There is but a subtil difference between world A and B: World B (our world) was created without the ability to conduct alchemy. This is due to the proccess of beings in our world, when they die, they become alchemic energy for world A.  Beings in world B have no known way of controlling this energy, where as beings in world A do. 

I purpose that there are now TWO worlds, put together in a specific way: Argartha and the Aether. I should mention, the goal before Origins was ALWAYS to gain access to the aether, but DURING origins the concern became about argartha! Why? Simple: Fullmetal. 

The aether is OUR world, world B, where energy comes from. It originates here. It flows through dimensions to world A: Argartha. 


Think of the world as two tanks. World A is filled with "water" (energy) but has no "salt" (ability to control the energy it creates). The tank beneath it has salt, but no water. The ancients (Vrill supposedly) build a "tap"- The MPD, which allows water to flow into world B. 


This is what richtofen wanted control of: The ability to distribute energy where he wants it to gain control of the world. 

Eventually richtofen's solution is to BANISH samantha to the other side of the MPD: The aether. Here HE can control her body and the tap, while she remains helpless in a world where she HAS energy, but no way to USE it. 


In this world, she enlists the help of THIS dimension's equivalents of richtofen, maxis, Takeo, Nikolai, and Dempsey.

The main element of interest here is that samantha was IN richtofen's body, it's likely she merged with richtofen's subcontious which is why richtofen apparently "knows what needs to happen". 

Using the resources she's made in this world, samantha manages to build a machine: Capable of bringing her back to her own world: But at what cost? 


Your thoughts and opinions? 


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