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Black Hand Smith

Ask the Magic 8 Ball any Zombies Question

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I just found a Magic 8 Ball in my room while cleaning up so I have decided to settle any questions or thoughts about the Zombies storyline once and for all. So if you please step right up and I will shake this Magic 8 Ball and see what it says. All answers are final no asking the same question twice. Ask anything you want as long as it's a yes or no question. Or ask whatever and interpret the answer as you will.




I shall begin by asking the first few questions


Q. Is Richtofen Gay?


A: My reply is No


Q: Is shangri-la on Mars?


A: Signs point to Yes


Q: Is Mob of the Dead Important?


A: Very Doubtful


Q: Is the ending to origins Canon?


A: Signs point to Yes.





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1.) Is moon set in 2025?


2.) Is the multiverse theory correct?


3.) Is Sam still in Richtofens body after Moon?

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Why did you keep putting A instead of numbers? XD 


Well, A = Answer, so... yeah...



Oh I thought that he was gonna label them abc but didnt as he put a bracket next to one, still i know its an answer but numbering is easy lol

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