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  • Not sure what you wanted to get? Just click this link to visit our Divinium Factory catalog! Remember, this factory is NOT the same as the Divinium Factory found outside the forum, which means only limited items are available with the Divinium currency on the site.

Divinium Factory - Reward Generator

Ready to spend your hard-earned Divinium from the site? Post your request, and one of our Group 935 scientists will manufacture your reward!
    1. Requests

      Ready to spend your Divinium? Post your request and a Group 935 scientist will begin manufacturing your reward.
  • Status Definitions

    Pending = Our Group 935 scientists are working hard to craft your reward - give us a moment.

    Generated = Your reward has been granted, and awaits you. Enjoy!

    Denied = The Apothicons have intervened on your request. Check your order comments on why it was denied.

  • Requests