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  1. Mystery Box Talk

    My usual approach is acquiring all perks and other necessary items first, then focusing my points on the mystery box. Wall guns are always very reliable to gather points in early rounds, and are much safer options as compared to gambling box guns.
  2. Point Hoarding Guide

  3. In-Game Perk-a-Cola Label

    Found a good Juggernog one.
  4. New ideas for zombies

    Mule Ammo could be cool, but I think Mule Perk would be unnecessary because of the high number of perk gobblegums that already exist.
  5. WW2 zombies chiper possibly

    Image links to this URL...
  6. Try submitting the soundcloud link to https://www.reddit.com/r/translator/. They'll probably figure it out quickly.
  7. Return of the M1911!

    So is the M1911 only going to be obtainable from the mystery box? I can't imagine Treyarch replacing the current starting pistols.
  8. What would you like in the next Treyarch game

    I agree 100% with keeping the story more scientifically explainable. Blundell took a "monsters taking over the world" approach to the storyline, with our heroes, Keepers, Apothicons, etc. In my opinion, the back story is most interesting in the Zielinski maps b/c of his incorporation and nods to Nazi occultism: things like the Wonder Weapon programs, time travel, contact with aliens or subterranean races, and most importantly trying to raise an undead army to defeat the Allies.
  9. Help!!!

    Can you choose not to install campaign and multiplayer? I know that's an available option on PC.