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  1. Who controls the zombies in Der Eisendrache?

    I believe SoE, Motd, Origins, TG, and DE are in the same universe/timeline.
  2. Who controls the zombies in Der Eisendrache?

    Thank you guys.
  3. Things That Annoy Me About This Map

    I agree with you Spider.
  4. Things That Annoy Me About This Map

    I agree. The wunderwaffe just doesn't have the same "feel" as in WAW or even BO1. Im also not a fan of the hell hounds. You can practically kill them just by looking at them, they are so weak.
  5. Who controls the zombies in Der Eisendrache?

    Thank you.
  6. I was just wondering, who is in control of the zombies on the map, Der Eisendrache? Thanks.
  7. Best Place To Train?

    When playing zombies, how well you train your horde is an important factor when trying to reach high rounds. Any advice or idea as to where the best location to train is, on Shadows of Evil? Thank you.
  8. PHD Flopper

    I was just contemplating whether it is possible that PHD Flopper can somehow return in Black Ops 3 zombies. It is one of my all time favorite perks, but is there any way it can be reincorporated into zombies, even though you can no longer dolphin dive?
  9. Slide Vs. Dolphin Dive

    Phd is one of my favorite perks and I hope it can somehow be brought back.
  10. Slide Vs. Dolphin Dive

    Hopefully, I successfully created this poll. I am new at this.
  11. Slide Vs. Dolphin Dive

    As you all know, sliding has replaced dolphin diving in Treyarch's newest installment of the zombies mode. I am contemplating whether more people prefer the dolphin dive or the slide. Please vote. Thank you.
  12. Which Classic Map Next?

    I agree. It is strongly suggested and hinted that a moon remake is coming soon. I personally have no problem with this because moon was both a fun and challenging map. It also has one of the most fun easter eggs to date.
  13. One of the worst things from BO1 has returned in BO3

    I've never experienced a successful host migration yet. Usually, the host is not a very good player and goes down, leading him to quit the match. This is one of the reasons I despise playing public, and usually just play with my friends.
  14. One week later with Shadows of Evil

    I actually enjoyed doing the easter egg with my friends, however I was disappointed with the lack of a reward for completing it. I wish it were like the moon ee, where everyone permanently earns all eight perks for the remainder of the game. As for the swords, I think it is a good concept, but i'd prefer the Hell's Retriever/Redeemer any day.