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  1. Top Ten best zombie maps

    1-Mob of the Dead: I don't know why, but this map brings me a good feeling to it when i think about the factors. I mean, it's all a great loop and the way you get to "cycle it" is by getting killed just when you thought you could escape? Damn. Loved the boss too, brutus was just cool as an stronger type of zombie. And it had the hell's retriever and the vitrollic withering, the coolest wonder weapon. And it was kinda scary in general. I'm just not sure about the afterlife mode. 2-Tranzit: Say whatever you want, curse the denizens, the bus, the fog or the pack-a-punch method - i like it. This map was revolutionary, and big enough to have fun. I liked all the mystery it had in the beggining, i was so scared to get into the fog and was wondering what secrets it hid. When i got courage (and a galvaknuckle) and finally got to explore it, is was simply awesome. My memories for this map is what makes me like it, and i play it still every when i can. 3-Natch Der Untoten: Even though i didn't got to play enough to enjoy it (i didn't played any WaW zombie maps, only this one on a friend's house), i found it enjoyable for its simplicity. I have more hours in watching gameplays of this map on youtube than actually playing it but it's good. 4-Kino Der Toten: Not that much of a special map, except that it's my first map, the one who got me into zombies. Discovering things was just awesome, and it was perfect for someone who was starting to play. 5-Origins: This map isn't on second place for one reason: i can't make it above round 16 normally. The only times i got on high rounds in it was with friends, and they were the ones doing everything. I upgraded all staffs once on solo and plan to never do it again, too much dedication and time. The map is hard, and at the same time i dislike it, it's what makes me like it, it's hard in a way every map should be. The map is kinda complicated and you have to set up quickly, and i don't quite like that. It's hard already to pass round 10 without a staff, and it requires work to be made, work i don't like to do in early game. It's not like MOTD where there are easy steps to get an tomahawk which isn't an must-have. But the map is fun, and there's no boring stuff like having to run in circles in a specific spot to train zombies and easily progress through rounds. I'm tired of writing. 6- Die Rise 7- Call of the Dead 8- "Five" 9- Buried 10- Ascension Like i said, i didn't get to play enough WaW maps, which is why most aren't here.
  2. Fully interactive map: 81

    Uh, let's go down then. You know, exploring and things. Just make sure to leave a crawler.
  3. Fully interactive map: 81

    Zetha has entered the game. Down, we gone to the top, let's go to the bottom now. Just to be sure, we bought the jugg, right? And how's our current status? I mean, weapons, perks, points, current round...
  4. What's your favorite band(s)

    I'm much of a metal guy, so... My current favorite is Stratovarius (i say current because sometimes it changes, and you know it), but i can't leave behind Metallica (first band i got into), Judas Priest, Helloween, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Avantasia, etc. And a bit of underground as well, like Slasher (on my profile pic), Ostura, Ayreon, Caladan Brood...
  5. Which zombies do you prefer

    Same here. I only played the 3 "free" maps of Black Ops (if you consider dead ops arcade an map) so I can't really say about it, but I liked Kino amd Five a lot. I never played WaW zombies "in-depth" (my disk broke before I really got into zombies), so goes the same as of BO DLCs. But Black Ops II zombies is when I really took zombies seriously, especially because I got the season pass for all DLCs. Mob of the Dead hit my spot, so I'll go for BO2.
  6. Search & Destroy: The Guide

    Grab an riot shield, RPG, combat axe and fast hands, and be happy with kids raging over you. Mainly, just don't be an tryhard, we thank you.
  7. You're Banned!

    Banned for such rude attitudes.
  8. Winters howl hate?

    Actually may be because of the map it is only found, "Five", one of the hardest for high rounds. I used to like the map a bit, but never managed to pass round 10, never even got my hands on this winter's howl or the map's pack a punch.
  9. Search & Destroy: The Guide

    A bit too late, but may come in handy for some people around here. I like the idea of guide and that you don't focus on one idea, but show the most commons and importants. I find myself between the raider and the scout, depending on the situation and map, and I'm one of these guys that most people hate, the "slicers" (ballistic knife and tomahawks all day).
  10. If the plan is to trap him between the two doors that requires power to open, i must say that it won't close if someone is inside (be it survivor or zombie). Yet it could be different with "him", but i don't think so :f. What i think that we've missed in tranzit is, like some people already said, something about the bus (idk about the driver, he's just a robot, i don't think that he's driving), something about changing its route, but i don't think it will open an entire new area, may be just an small easter egg with something like the bus crashes and no more. What I'm saying is that if there are undiscovered things in tranzit, they won't be something big enough to change things entirely, my best bet is an different game over with the bus leaving green run, what wouldn't make sense, since it's an bus for touring it and that it would make the story different.
  11. Zombies Pick-up lines

    Girl are you an easter egg? Cause I'd dedicate the entire match for you. Call me power switch and turn me on if you want to go far.