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  1. @MrRoflWaffles I'm honestly so upset that I didn't make a post about Doctor Monty being the guy who makes perks and all... I had the idea for a week or so before that video of yours came up.

    Although, I'd not call him the perk maker. He's more the manufacturer, the company that gets perks out there to a populous. He's the symbol of the company he runs, hence he's really not the creator, just the manufacturer.

    But... take that as you may, I really think the idea is good on both ends.

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    2. The Meh

      The Meh

      "He/she" kinda is a stretch too. "Monty" is more of a male name (and that's not my knowledge of Monty Python talking).

      Regardless, I truthfully can't say he CREATED the perks. More-so, he's the manufacturer, the poster-boy for his company.

    3. Tattoo247


      Well I just assumed he invented them, or created them because he is a doctor lol. Nobody knows for sure but I just assumed he created AND manufactured them.

    4. The Meh

      The Meh

      Well, it's probable in any perspective, but I question that probability just the same.

      It's kinda interesting to think about, with whatever he's running being a joint operation with Group 935... honestly.