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  1. Diverge all points. All lines must be fixed, the loop must be closed.

    The cut on these divergences bears a new universe, a new world, cleaned of the lines before.

    That is Primis's true ulterior motive, the ultimate goal.
    Richtofen knows this.

    1. The Meh

      The Meh

      I apologize for confusion.

      This is the future of the Zombies storyline, as far as I can see it. The probability of my idea being correct is... maybe next to none...

      But this could always happen.

    2. The Meh

      The Meh

      Reflective on the Der Eisendrache EE (The one must be erased.), it is easy to theorize that there is a probability that we will erase Dempsey. If this reflective to a larger scale of the multiuniversal planes, than this is reflective both on Richtofen's ulterior motives and what must be done for the others.

      The future will tell.