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  1. ...so... when are the medals for the CoDz Year-End Awards going to be given out? I've honestly been waiting for the medal itself to show up, but... it still hasn't, after at least a few weeks.

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    2. The Meh

      The Meh

      Boom, I KNOW the medal itself is up! Trust me, I've been keeping my eye out for it, and it came a while back. What I was asking (specifically to Hells Warrior) was if there was anything on whether anything can be done so things other than just saying that someone's forum post won and forgetting it a month or so later. I mean, my map, Unity, that won. Not to be self-centered, but I would really like something of good recognition to it for it being able to win.

    3. The Meh

      The Meh

      (Honestly... and I'm sorry in advance for saying this, but... I feel like you literally skipped reading the last 12 comments on this.)

    4. The Meh

      The Meh

      *sigh* What I'm basically saying is two different things here:

      1. The Year-End Awards could have been run better, medal-wise. You gave it only to member-specific wins, what about the voters who won with their choice? What about those topics in forum-related stuff that won? While the people who voted and won can't be helped, the forum-related stuff can still be helped as of now.

      2. If receiving the medal for what I said just a moment ago in #1, then, for the time being until the next Awards starts, perhaps do something to give it the recognition for winning. Perhaps it could be a stickied/pinned thread, or something. I dunno, as long as something can be done.