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  1. *sigh* I need an XBL Gold trial... give or take 2-day or 7-day, I need one. I need it so I can wrap up any sort of online Black Ops II or Black Ops 1 achievements, although I'm mainly focused on getting the Die Rise EE wrapped up first. That's my priority. Does anyone have any? I'd be forever grateful if I could get one.

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      I would Highly recommend using bing rewards. By manipulating it's point-awarding system one can rack up points easy, (25-27 max a day) When you reach 699 points (about 24 days) You will earn enough points to get you 30 days of XBL. Not to mention there are also other ways to earn even more points. It's 100% free and by purchasing 1 3-month XBL card I can use this system to triple it! ^_^