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  1. Near death experience

  2. Near death experience

    He had to pay a fine and had to serve his time in prison
  3. Near death experience

    The guy got arrested
  4. Near death experience

    A few years ago , I was on my bike and I pedalled really fast because I had to get home quick and It was night time so I couldn't see well , there was a guy driving a car without the lights and I crashed head first. I was on the road for a few minutes and then I passed out and my bro was there so he called my parents before I passed out and the next day I woke up in the hospital bed. I was confused , how did I get here? My parents told me a few weeks later that the doctors pronounced me dead. It was a miracle , but for some reason when I see a guy driving a car I get flashbacks of what happened a few years ago. Why am I remembering this like it was yesterday? Why are the flashbacks coming back to haunt me? Before you start commenting why didn't my bro tell me a car was coming? He was at the other side of the road and it was dark so he couldn't see the car or me from that distance. The scar is still on my head. That's my near death experience and thank god I survived.
  5. Who has yet to push the button.

    I got the 3 EE's done but the guy that helped me started maxis side. I need 3 people who have richtofen's ee done and who have not pushed the button
  6. R.I.P Undertaker 21-1

  7. Anyone up for some zombies?

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Not today bud - titanfall for me.



      I'm up for Zombies. :)

  8. Welcome to the forums AndyMark2 :)