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  1. RequixEclipse

    Black Ops IV

    Black Ops IV Activision announced Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Official World Reveal will take place Thursday, March 17th. Zombies is inevitable, but aside from the endless waves of the undead our storylines have felt a bit stagnant. After the release of the Official Zombies Timeline alot of theories have been ripped to shreads. Other Theories have been somewhat confirmed. Where does this leave us? "Where are we going?" is the tune stuck in my mind right now. In my opinion we could be going back to when the of Pablo was being wrote. Medevil is Bundells soft spot, but there will be a medevil overtone im sure. What I truly hope and want most of all is momentum. A feeling that the story is finally being pushed forward. I know some may not like the idea.. Some may love it, but in my own unbaias opinion this is our most Plausable Future: What do you hope to see and what do you think the future of Zombies has in store?
  2. RequixEclipse

    The Daily Meme

    Dedicated to those with a Camera roll stocked and ready to rock your next MEME WAR! Post at least 1 Meme a day and you may help a fellow Memethusist. We all have our favorites and here is the place you can go to find the latest and greatest. Dont be that guy who post the same Meme all the time. Be refreshed and tune in to get your Daily Meme.
  3. RequixEclipse

    The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    Yes and because of Ancient Trials we've got a little bit better idea on how we can boost participation in ZWC and help with the details behind the scenes
  4. RequixEclipse

    Potsdamer Platz

    Potsdamer Platz Berlin, Germany The Third incarnation of the Reichstag was a short interlude, historically speaking, that came after the disaster of the First World War and the collapse of the monarchy. Known as the Weimar Republic, this German attempt to establish a true democratic republic failed for a variety of reasons, including political and economic problems – most notably a worldwide economic crisis, known in the US as the Great Depression. 1933, only four weeks after Hitler’s rise to power, on the night of February 27, the Reichstag building was almost totally destroyed in a fire of mysterious origin. The blaze gave the Nazis an excuse to put the Reichstag in limbo, citing anti-communist national security measures. On March 23, 1933 the Reichstag (meeting in the nearby Kroll Opera Building) voted to essentially put itself out of business, ceding power to the Nazi dictatorship. The Weinhaus Huth, with its distinctive corner cupola, was a wedge-shaped structure located in the angle between Potsdamer Straße and Linkstraße ("Left Street"), and with entrances in both streets. Wine merchant Friedrich Karl Christian Huth, whose great-grandfather had been kellermeister(cellar-master) to King Friedrich II back in 1769, had founded the firm in 1871 and taken over the former building in Potsdamer Straße on 23 March 1877. His son, the wine wholesale dealer William (“Willy”) Huth (1877–1967), took over the business in 1904 and, a few years later, commissioned the replacement of the building by a new one on the same site. Running right through the block into Linkstraße, this new Weinhaus Huth was designed by the architects Conrad Heidenreich (1873–1937) and Paul Michel(1877–1938), and opened on 2 October 1912, and contained a wine restaurant on the ground floor, and wine storage space above, so it had to take a lot of weight. It was thus given a strong steel skeleton, which would stand the building in very good stead some three decades after its completion. Famous for its fine claret, numerous members of European society were made welcome there as guests. A total of 15 chefs were employed there, and Alois Hitler, the stepbrother of the future Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, was a waiter there in the 1920s, before he opened his own restaurant and hotel at Wittenbergplatz, in the western part of the city.

  6. Published on Apr 27, 2018 This is a tribute video for the COD:Zombies Community as they slay the hoards in Zombies World Championships. I Hope you enjoy Zombie World Championships 2nd annual tournament as the real gift is the Community coming together! Register on ZWC Official Site: https://www.zombiesworldchampionship.... ► ELENA SIEGMAN E.E SONG "THE GIFT" - http://goo.gl/wBkZCp ► ELENA SIEGMAN THE GIFT MUSIC VIDEO - https://goo.gl/sejRaf Twitter: @RequixEclipse Dweller on the CoDzombie Forums http://www.callofdutyzombies.com Twitch: 1requix1eclipse5 http://www.twitch.tv/1requix1eclipse5 Game Call of Duty: Black Ops III 2015 Explore in YouTube Gaming You can change the game title in the "Advanced settings" tab in Video Manager. Music ksherwoodops Category Gaming License Standard YouTube License
  7. RequixEclipse

    Potsdamer Platz

    So how is The Shadowed Throne? Did this topic have any info that lined up with the map?
  8. RequixEclipse

    The Daily Meme

  9. RequixEclipse

    CODZombies Facebook

    CODZ + FB Hey slayers and fellow survivors if you ever find yourself scrolling through Facebook. Spice up your feed with updates, topics, and upcoming events taking place within the community. Share with your friends and Stab that that like button an show support The Call of Duty Zombie Forums! From ZWC2 to the highly anticipated reveal of Treyarchs Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 CODz is where Zombies meet Community. CoDzForum
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    The Daily Meme

  11. RequixEclipse

    Well... you guys can have a field day with this one.

    DLC is what caused the Paradox’s and if we stayed away then we would be as closer to the main story than
  12. RequixEclipse

    Bloody teleporters

    I think this is the only evidence that I need to bring to the table.
  13. RequixEclipse

    Bloody teleporters

  14. RequixEclipse

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Ayeeee there we go
  15. RequixEclipse

    Zombies World Championship 2nd Annual

    The Zombies World Championship returns with a bigger, badder, more undead installment: ZWC 2. Gamers across the globe compete in seven Call of Duty: Zombies challenges for a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles and a piece of a $30,000 prize pool on Sunday August 5th, 2018. The Prize Pool breaks down into 2 divisions: ZWC 2 online finalists (8) and ZWC 2 content creators (8). $15,000 goes to each division with the finalists and content creators playing as individuals throughout the competition in Los Angeles. The best of the best will compete on one stage with thousands of fans witnessing history, but only one will be named the Zombies World Champion. Register Here: ZWC2
  16. RequixEclipse

    The Daily Meme

  17. Just provided an analysis on Takeo and why every is not as fishy as it appears
  18. Officially Registered and Ready for The 2nd Zombie World Championship! I have it listed in Events on my Twitch and you’ll find details/updates viaTwitter @RequixEclipse If you need to see the latest besure to check out @CoDZOfficial  

    Twitch: 1requix1eclipse5

  19. RequixEclipse

    Black Ops IV

    On April 17th, Polygon reported that Treyarch has decided to scrap the campaign mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 once it became clear that they would not be able to have the campaign ready in time for the game’s launch in October. charlieINTEL heard similar rumors last month from a tipster, and that same tipster also informed CI that Raven Software has reportedly been tasked with adding a Battle Royale mode to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 to fill the content gap of no campuaign. Following our article, Kotaku spoke with their own sources, whom also confirmed that Black Ops 4 will feature a Battle Royale game mode. From Kotaku: One of those sources also echoed a report from top Call of Duty information-broker Charlie Intel saying that the new game will have a battle royale mode. In addition, Eurogamer has further backed up our information that there is a Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with their own sources, but take it a step further. Eurogamer’s sources state that the developers are currently unable to reach the magic 100 players number in the BR mode currently in development, but the developers want to reach that number for the game’s launch. Earlier in March, an analyst suggested in a report that Activision plans to bring Battle Royale to Call of Duty at some point, saying Activision is fully aware of the popularity of Battle Royale modes. Fortnite and PlayerUnkown’s Battleground have taken over the gaming scene over the past year, as Battle Royale genre continues to gain more traction. Raven Software teased on Twitter in March that they are changing their artwork around in the office, stating more information is coming soon, and that could be related to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Activision is set to reveal Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 during a Community Reveal Event on May 17 in Los Angeles, CA.
  20. RequixEclipse

    The Daily Meme

  21. RequixEclipse

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    ~Zombies Hangman~ Test your might! _ R O _ O _ Incorrect Guesses (5/6): E, A, V, I, B Hint(s): A Code Used in 1 of the 4 B03 maps. The Code is a variant spelling of Zeus’s Fathers name.  Scoreboard: 1st: Slade - 238 2nd: way2g00d - 201 3rd: Lenne- 196 Electric Jesus - 138 Nightmare Voyager- 134 ETEl2NAL407 - 100 Tasha the noob - 93 The Meh - 86 Delta - 68 Naitrax - 58 Rissole25 - 48 MurderMachineX - 46 Undead - 44 Chopper - 34 Cheesegrater28 - 32 Tac - 30 PortlyLlama80 - 22 Reddonkeyham - 20 Jake Duck - 16 wesleykg00 - 16 Silv3r Energy - 16 RequixEclipse - 14 83457 - 12 Anonymous - 12 zombieman9 - 10 XAvengedLullabyX - 10 OverWater17 - 10 RaidDzn - 10 PINNAZ - 8 nayrc - 6 unlawfully inacurate - 4 Ooka - 2 RiftRunner001 - 2 ZombieDreamerDan - 2 CrubZee - 2 BriggzyJ97 - 2 TheNathanNS - 2 Mr Swifty - 2 RZArazorSHARP20 - 2 Señor Festo Lithium - 2 Rules:  Guess the word/phrase correctly without any letters = 10 points Guess the word/phrase correctly = 2 points Stump the field (6 incorrect guesses) = 6 points One incorrect letter = 1 incorrect guess One incorrect word(s) = 2 incorrect guesses You may only guess up to 2 consonants or 1 vowel at a time Host adds hint after 4 incorrect guesses Numbers must be spelled out After 6 wrong guesses the person who did make the last guess gets the board If after two weeks, the person who is meant to be posting a board doesn't, another person is allowed to take their board and continue the game 
  22. RequixEclipse

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    No B..
  23. RequixEclipse

    The Daily Meme

  24. RequixEclipse

    The Daily Meme

  25. That was Ultimis Takeo. The reason why Primis Takeo had to see this version is because he is still loyal to the empire and would not be persuaded to take his own life. By seeing himself held prisoner after being a loyal dedicated warrior for The Empire and Emperor Hirohito. In November 1928, the Emperor's ascension was confirmed in ceremonies (sokui) which are conventionally identified as "enthronement" and "coronation" (Shōwa no tairei-shiki); but this formal event would have been more accurately described as a public confirmation that his Imperial Majesty possesses the Japanese Imperial Regalia, also called the Three Sacred Treasures, which have been handed down through the centuries. The Three Sacred Treasures According to legend, these treasures were brought to earth by Ninigi-no-Mikoto, legendary ancestor of the Japanese imperial line, when his grandmother, the sun goddess Amaterasu, sent him to pacify Japan. These treasures were eventually said to be passed down to Emperor Jimmu, who was the first Emperor of Japan and was also Ninigi's great-grandson. Traditionally, they were a symbol of the emperor's divinity as a descendant of Amaterasu, confirming his legitimacy as paramount ruler of Japan. When Amaterasu hid in a cave from her brother Susanoo-no-Mikoto, thus plunging the world in darkness, the goddess Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto hung the mirror and jewels outside the cave and lured her out of the cave, at which point she saw her own reflection and was startled enough that the gods could pull her out of the cave. Susanoo later presented the sword Kusanagi to Amaterasu as a token of apology; he had obtained it from the body of an eight-serpent, Yamata no Orochi. We see 1 of these artifacts used in our Wonder Weapon on Zetsuba No Shima. Seeing that he would be treated in such away Takeo is still true to Bushidō Code. "The samurai of thirty years ago had behind him a thousand years of training in the law of honor, obedience, duty, and self-sacrifice ... It was not needed to create or establish them. As a child he had but to be instructed, as indeed he was from his earlietst years, in the etiquette of self-immolation." -historian Arthur May Knapp Self-immolation is tolerated by some elements of Mahayana Buddhism and Hinduism, and it has been practiced for many centuries, especially in India, for various reasons, including jauhar, sati, political protest, devotion, and renouncement. Certain warrior cultures, such as those of the Charans and Rajputs, also practiced self-immolation. Primis Takeo would not allow Ultimis Takeo to wait in a jail cell for death. He deserved an Honorable death and this gave Primis Takeo peace of mind knowing that his Ultimis Soul was taken by his own blade.

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