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  1. A big THANKYOU to CODZ

    Congrats on the +1 @NaBrZHunter my little monster is 4 and about to start preschool.. gosh I remember when she was born Die Rise just released and I spent the nights staying up attempting the EE while rocking here and feeding her. Lmao time flys when your running trains.
  2. A big THANKYOU to CODZ

    It was an honor and a pleasure assisting you through these crazy Easter Eggs! I remember you asking if I'd help with an EE in 4 weeks and I messaged each week counting down till we executed the task at hand! XD I've had a blast sharing the story of COD: Zombies with ok and I'm sure there will be more to come! I'm but a Xbox message away so feel free to hmu anytime! For now we will but this in the records along with that damn Napalm Zombie on Shangri-La! >.<
  3. Zombies World Championship

    I'd would of been on a plan out there butttt timing was bad.
  4. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    Not just this I'm in the ZWC and have been shaving the time of time EE on Revelations..
  5. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

  6. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    To keep track of participants, use this link to see each player standing. Although the current system on Challonge states that players will go up against one another, scores will actually be inputted based on highest round/score obtainable throughout each challenge. The stats on Challonge are not reflective of true scores - they are only to show how many participants have entered and what they scored in. These scores will not be reflected until the very end of the month. To see the true results of each challenge, use the following link(s) below: Ancient Trials July 2017 Tournament This spreadsheet will display each player's scores per challenge, and also include the Top 3 slayers of the monthly tournament. Use this as your reference for overall scoring, not the Challonge brackets. New update: Players are now allowed to submit their own scores on the Challonge website. This is due to an increased demand in other players wanting to see the scores of others. All scores will be corrected and reviewed upon end of the challenge week. The challenge will end July 22nd at 11:59 pm PST. Once finished, the next challenge will be posted the following day alongside the results of the previous mission. To submit your results, please click here to complete the submission form. Happy slaying friendos, and may the Ancients guide you through the Aether! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
  7. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    I submitted my $15 entry fee already
  8. In Your Darkest Moments

    I'm glad that you shared this. I'm sorry for your loss and lm glad that you've seen a little at a moment of tragedy. Prayers and my deepest condolences for Roses family and also with you. Stay strong brotha lol <3
  9. Got my card packs!!!! 😬

    1. anonymous


      Which ones?

    2. InfestLithium


      Glad it finally came in friendo!

  10. In Your Darkest Moments

    It's never to late to ask someone if there's something wrong. 4/5 times the chance you could be that one person that made the difference in some one thinking about suicide. Most of the time some one is just waiting for somebody to notice. Just remember that we are not always in control of what happens. Some things are just out of your hands and that's ok.
  11. In Your Darkest Moments

    I deal in suicidal precautions and see it all to often. I am ok now, but I was angry. It is a selfish thing to do. I'm over it and just as that coster hit bottom it came back up again. Life is precious and we all at some time take it for granted. Moments like that make you realize that no matter how much you want attention you won't get to see the outcome.
  12. In Your Darkest Moments

    I want to make this for those to feel like they're constantly at the bottom of a never ending roller coaster. We've all been there and sometimes we feel like it's never going to come back up but trust me life is the roller coaster and it's always going to come back up. This past April I lost my 17-year-old cousin to suicide. It was about a girl and he was with that girl. He was threatening to go to himself in front of her and she left the room and eventually left him by himself. That night he took a chair and a belt and he hung himself. Earlier then I he was having fun with his friends out camping laughing and appeared to his best friends happiest guy in tHe world. He had a future after college and a family that cared about him and a girl who he would do anything for I simply want to say that no matter how far down you think you are no matter how bad or how sad the moment seem. You matter and what you do matters. I want you to take your hand and place it where your heart is.. do you feel that? That is called purpose. Your alive for a reason don't ever give up.
  13. A hard reality: climate change

    I can respect that just wanted to see how you would respond.
  14. A hard reality: climate change

    I have a document that can disprove climate change and tear it about bit by bit. However I wish to stay out of politics as that's all climate change really comes down to. Yes the document has the facts to back the science, but there are some who just can't accept it. I do respect your stance but wish stuff like this could stay out of a gaming website. Lol just cause it's a get away from reality. For me this is all my opinion I don't mean to step on your toes