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  1. Light beams & ToB

    Your right, I should have not have started a new thread. I actually searched the threads, just didn't post in it. It seems more people are here to fight then anything, so I will just go back to Youtube. Thanks!
  2. Light beams & ToB

    Sorry about my rant. People just urk the shiz out of me.
  3. Light beams & ToB

    Nice spelling there anyways. Threts...?? I was taking what a lot of other's have already done/suggested, and taking it to the looking into it a little more. I have watched over 30 video's on this specifically, nobody talk's about ONLY doing 1, and not the other EE. Jackass
  4. Light beams & ToB

    Please kiss my ass. Thanks.
  5. Light beams & ToB

    I just wanted to see if this can get clarified by another party. I have only completed the Maxis side of ToB. I tried to then activate the lights @ the laundromat, and nothing.... I'm wondering, do you NEED to have both sides done & Why?? Does anybody else who has ONLY 1 side done get no effect from the door also??? Thanks!!