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  1. MY KD was about 500 when I hit the shotguns, then dropped to low 4's, high 3's now it's back up to 475...you can get the shotguns in less than a week with a new account as long as you play 2 good games a day and have a lovely ratio. Shotguns are no longer difficult if you trust me. Thanks. Management
  2. Very likely. I was on Skull with Blue Eyes. Didn't play a day , logged in and they were gone. Same day I did Round 40 on nuketown with a friend. I got Knife but blue eyes were still off. Sometimes I wonder breaking for a day or two and starting over helps ranking up. May be something gets reset? You got the knife now? Congrats! I knew you would.
  3. Yes you don't need blue eyes
  4. Honestly, MF you'll rank up any day now. Play Solo some more it will go up within the next 3 days max.
  5. It is the KDR..again, the generic range for skull to knife is 60-200 which you're on the low end of, do you have a lot of downs? Downs are the worst factor for your rank, they are weighted heavily against you and a lot of drops in a game with under 200 kills can easily drop your emblem.
  6. The highlight reel ratings has to do with zombies? How do we find that?!
  7. I got it from Everything Piff, he was the originator of the KDR theory and he was the first to notice te 7pm national ranking modifications. I just happened to expand on his findings. And I have mastered how to get shotguns in a week. The issue is if everyone finds out how to play, most players that are only barely above average can get the shotguns and that's why 3arc is keeping it a secret. If they wanted legit rankings they should have a real judge lol
  8. Darksungaming got the shotguns I watched him get it he got them t 7pm just like I told you what time it would happen I figured it out now would anyone give me some credit?!
  9. Indeed the chart is not perfect, and there are too many variables in the ranking system; HOWEVER the average KDR of a specific emblem can be noted. Ex: Skull with Knife (Averages 70-200) Skull with Shotguns (Averages 200 - Infinity) Skull (20-70 Avg) Of course numbers can be either lower or higher than these numbers, however what I must admit about the ranking system with the emblems is that THOSE WITH THE KNIVES AND THE SHOTGUN RANKS ARE AMONG THE BEST PLAYERS I'VE PLAYED WITH. So the ranking system itself isn't as flawed or as terrible as people claim it to be. Stop hating and play well and eventually everyone's ranks will reflect their skill!
  10. Thank you, MNM. And I'll tell you the reason why it's 80% KDR at least. My gf cannot get to high rounds AT ALL by herself. But she ranked up to the knife by playing Survival Farm on Solo and only downing once or twice per game with about 100-300 kills a game so her ratio was over 100. Skull w/ Knife and blue eyes in 4 days and she only been past round 20 once. She also didn't really experiment with different game types like the game recommends or anything, she played like 1 or 2 Tranzits and 90% solo Survival Farm. There's no need to know the exact formula as long as you know the KD for your goal emblem.
  11. Blue eyes simply means you played the last 5 days in a row consecutively and nothing more. You lose tallies and emblems from bad games and ONLY tallies from lack of playing. Simple as that. And the largest factor is KDR, proven multiple times by multiple accts made by me and my gf.
  12. You need a KDR of 200 approximately. Right now, you only have 80 KDR. You have a very long way to go I'm sorry to say. .
  13. Kino 2025 for Black Ops II

    Add me SoM_Pr0diGy
  14. Kino 2025 for Black Ops II

    You guys on PS3?