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  1. I was playing SOE last night and i noticed that after unlocking the door for the apothicon egg if you go back into beast mode the symbols appear floating in front of the eggs. I could also shock them to make the go away and i could shock each one. Glitch or is this something?

    1. 83457


      Awesome find! It may simply be a glitch, but it warrants an investigation. Maybe the Tram symbols change after the door is open... There is that other Tram track past canal...

      Post that for all to see. Probably in the T-Virus thread until we can see what can happen with it.

      I've tried translating the keeper language and it just looks like instructions for the eggs to swords, but i can't be certain about it all.

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    2. 83457


      I posted it in the T-virus thread.

      Add to it if you feel I've missed something or you have any thoughts and ideas on it. That's what that thread is for.

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