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  1. Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    this. i wouldn't mind some more 8-bit/gameboy-ish tracks like in DOA. Oh my god, yes. I honestly want the same thing. I can listen to 8-bit music all day. And if they put this in zombies.... i know right! perfect slaying music for me, get's me so hyped.
  2. Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    For me at least, its the Fking BASE!! . No other music has expand the limits of base like dubstep. i put that sht on my car with 15'' woofers doing 80 on the highway and it gives me a feeling like no oher music lol you should try it! and close your eyes while crossing some intersections you will feel out of this world! there in lies the problem of your argument. most tv speakers are not built to pick up the common sub synth, and most tasty drops would be lost to the sounds of screaming/gun shots. Yes you can adjust the audio settings by pressing start, but unless you have a full sound system connected to your tv - you'd loose out. if 3arc is smart, they'll use intelligible songs that work across all tvs. dubstep is sooooooo 2011. it's all about post-dubstep now. :lol:
  3. Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    this. i wouldn't mind some more 8-bit/gameboy-ish tracks like in DOA.
  4. Something that has been bugging me

    hey guys, i love where this is going with the weapons makers & the possible significance of 87 - but i do have to interrupt for one moment to bring you perhaps a further bit of evidence towards our bald friend. it seems the first strike poster has not been the first bald person we have seen, and i can't believe i haven't thought to post this until now. so going from the top left to right it goes nacht, verrukt, shi no numa - right? so maybe this bald guy had something to do with shi no numa, like he's been involved since the start. this could be the tidbit we need to start really forming something concrete. a multiple narrative yet to be told if you will. also i'm not saying this is the CODZL guy crouching in shi no, so please no one make that connotation. i'm just saying - hey! look! another bald guy! ...crouching! lastly, by my count, there are 1,2,3,4...5 humans (not counting the undead) on the kino loading screen. in my honest opinion, it looks to me the top right is a bald guy - i.e. not part of the O4. but i could see how someone could convince themselves otherwise. soooooooo this? lord knows...
  5. Something that has been bugging me

    From the First Strike Poster. it almost looks like he has henna tattoos on the top of his head/forehead. Almost like spots or lesions. It's probably just the pixelizing from zooming in though. EDIT: also i'm just going to throw it out there, those bubbles along the top left of his head are positioned pretty cool.
  6. Something that has been bugging me

    you sir, are the man.
  7. Something that has been bugging me

    damn it fated i love you but there is a thread for this i thought we were past this! lol
  8. Something that has been bugging me

    i asked radaustin what he thought of the waffe & dempsey on the first strike poster. my q: ulyssescampbell Ulysses Campbell @radaustin27 thanks for the response! tiny.cc/fsposter why would Richt be holding thundergun & not waffe? ze docta loves his dg2 hmmm.. Aug 30, 3:52 PM via web his a: RADAUSTIN27 Reed @ulyssescampbell Dempsey holds the wunderwaffe when they are teleported through time. So i don't think it's that odd. Aug 30, 5:13 PM via web i'm confused about which time travel sequence he is talking specifically about... but I do understand his point.
  9. Something that has been bugging me

    very true, sorry for generalizing! okay i'm done on that. back to what's important: i'm going to meditate on this for a few minutes and then respond.
  10. Something that has been bugging me

    you are oversimplyfying and incorrectly addressing this whole thread by saying that we are trying to link Porter to the CODZL guy. please either figure out what we are saying, or just sit back and know everything like you obviously do. gosh the elitism on this site is unreal. i have not been here for long, i have no authority, i don't even have 100 posts - i will be the first to admit that everytime. but it's like - to some people, if the OP doesn't have a little bit of color in their name - then it's absolute rubbish regardless of any facts, evidence, anything. i am in no way, shape, or form justified to judge anyone based on what they say unless it is an obvious lie based on proven facts - other people feel differently i guess.
  11. Something that has been bugging me

    no he didn't. you are just reading what he is saying wrong. if you can't tell your L & R from another then that's fine, but please stop backtracking this conversation. scar talk DONE. porter porter porter porter porter - anyone?
  12. Something that has been bugging me

    EDIT: Lol, that's not true. A beefed up Marine like that would stand out like a sore thumb in Group 935. Peter McKay, and Harvey Yena stood out, simply because they were Americans. Richtofen didn't like Americans, Maxis didn't like them. This guy would have never got past the front gate. Oh, and someone with military training that could defend himself you say? Say someone like Tank Dempsey. Yup, he got caught, and he's a total badass. very true, bad observation on my part. i actually just pmed him on Porter right before you posted this lol. thanks for the permission shooter, does that mean you'll be actually joining in the conversation now about Porter? 8-)
  13. Something that has been bugging me

    Cause saying THAT won't instigate anything... :? So, Harvey Yena, Gersch... any other ideas? EDIT: And, Lenne, thanks for the verbal brains i really want to find out more info on Porter. do you (or anyone) know of any thread where i could attain this? or perhaps a knowledgable person could just tell me what they know?
  14. Something that has been bugging me

    I want...to give you brains...soooo bad...but...I...can't... verbal brains yay! just as good imo.
  15. Something that has been bugging me

    this from now on. please start a different thread if you think it's richt. let's not forced to be backtracking, we were just getting somewhere discussing who made the weapons.