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  1. My first impressions are that GLP is a great map which offers a challenge. The tight corners, small rooms and sudden twists keep you on your toes. I've played about five low rounds games and the layout is still surprising, somehow I just can't seem to memorize this map as quickly as I could the others. The jumpers are a pain & are a little bit too overpowered IMO. They seem to pin you in a corner and keep you their until you meet your doom. Not saying I don't like them, they are a great addition and offer even more to the game & makes you think ahead, wondering what they are going to do next. Saying this though they can take a heck of a lot of bullets... The new WW is great! a fresh idea which also offers its own challenge when manoeuvring. Finally I want to look at the height of the map, yes I want to look at the sheer drops to the depths below. One false move and it's all over, I love it, yes I've fallen a few times & they offer great reflections back to the game, whenever I fall I get to think about what I just did & what caused me to 'fall' down the pit, such as me not controlling the zombies correctly or something like that. This has almost everything I want from a map although I still feel that teamwork is lost when it comes to reviving. The new jumpers & the WW have made it so players stick closer together than in TranZit but if I was at one side of the map then I wouldn't be able to get myself to the other side of the map to revive someone, that was something that I loved doing on maps like Der Reise, being able to make my way (whether by teleporter or by running) to the other player to revive them. This maybe because of the size of the map but if this is going to be the case then perhaps make the revive state last longer? Great map Treyarch! Looking forward to the next one.
  2. Achievements!

    What if the dragon comes to us? Maybe it floats through the elevator shafts and breaths paper fire But on a serious note, what if it came through the shafts, coming from the outside to the crumbled inside of the building? Causing the shafts to be even more dangerous!
  3. Zombie buffs?

    BOOM! No training, this mode does seem pretty good but I do agree that zombies need to be buffed up. It could still be round based though, perhaps each player starts at round 1, 1 player is the human and the rest (7 possibly) are the zombies, that human lasts as long as they can then when a zombie catches them they turn into a zombie and then the zombie that attacked turns into a human starting at the round that they are on so Player 1 (Human)- Lasts until round 5 Player 2 (Zombie)- Attacks Player 1 and then takes its place at round 1 Player 1 (Now a zombie)- Attacks Player 2, changes into human and starts back at round 5 (the round it last got up to). This means that it gets progressively harder to win the game & it is a battle to see who can kill the human and take control of the game! The player with the highest round score at the end of the time (or first to get to a set round) wins the game!
  4. Will anything happen tonight? 21/12/12?!

    People call them Trollarch for a reason Course it is possibly the best day for it & everything does point to it but wasn't their something before release where we were all looking at a day that people had hinted at & that the zombie reveal was going to be on that day & then nothing happened. I'm not going to lie though, everything does seem to point to it & is probable. I'm hoping for something but I wouldn't be surprised if nothing happened.
  5. ~The Old-School Gaming Thread~

    My first EVER console was actually the PS1, from their the Gameboys (Gameboy Colour, SP & DS), the PS2 and now the PS3. My favourite old school game for me would have to be the Crash Banicoots, ever since I have always wanted to create a game like that which is probably what has inspired me to going into computing. The concept was great and a lot of fun to play! It is a shame that there haven't been any more for the PS3. Spyro was also another favourite (it was the one where you went into portals & flown to levels & the main boss was Ripto, can't remember what game it was but I can remember everything else). That was until games were released on the PS2, they seemed to have lost their magic and I didn't enjoy them as much.
  6. Christmas Avatars!

    I'll change my avatar as soon as I can sit down and make a new one, great idea to get in the spirit! It's beginning to look a lot like zombies...uh... I mean Christmas...
  7. Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Does this work on NK at all or is it just for TranZit? Thanks for the details!
  8. Dont Mess With The Bus Driver

    We were at the diner (random lobby), me & another person was in the bus, the other two outside, so I started knifing the driver, next thing I know the bus starts moving and the doors wouldn't open for the others to get in or us to get out. I then heard the denizens, they both got downed and there was nothing we could do because we were locked in. It was hilarious! (it wasn't for the two who got downed, they quit...)
  9. CoDz Elite Clans for Black Ops 2. Apply Now!

    Thanks for accepting! Out of interest do we have a clan tag that we can use? I think someone on elite said that we cannot use CoDz as a clan tag, it comes up saying I'm not entitled to use that clan tag.
  10. CoDz Elite Clans for Black Ops 2. Apply Now!

    Applied! Thank you for making a clan! I hope you'll accept me.
  11. I'm not sure about Elites loading time but didn't another user have a similar problem with creating a clan the other day? Didn't they start putting in random letters & numbers but they were still told that it was taken? I'll have a look around but it may just be a problem with elite... I love both the clan names that death has put down, if we can't get any of them how about [ZDOC] at first it may seem like CoDz backwards but you COULD say Zombie (z) Doctor (DOC), the doctor (Richtofen) controls the zombies! We play in the doctors court now :twisted: If you think about it you could find loads of meanings :)
  12. This is great! I would LOVE to see a clan for CoDz, not one where you need to meet requirements, one where we can all go out and see what the CoDz army can do & work as a big team! It doesn't necessarily have to be split in a certain way, just one where members can join if they wish (although splitting by time zone would be pretty neat but by what that says I don't think it needs to happen)...someone please make this happen :D
  13. Nuketown 2025 tour tomorow!

    You're kidding , I was on their YT page literally a few minutes ago, blimey, talk about missing it by a second... This looks pretty cool, looks like someone has re-plastered the walls, the houses are re-built which I like! Very modern houses, I would like to live there. It could possibly be smaller than before as it seems like there are more items, we are still in the same confounds though, the play field hasn't been extended for the MP. One of the players say "RPG!", so I presume this is back in , great trailer!!! Did anyone else notice the thing at the end, either Activision has a new logo that looks like Nyan Cat or it means something, that rhythm could mean something. Thanks for posting EDIT: Possibly from one of the screens in one of the houses or something else...
  14. Nuketown 2025 tour tomorow!

  15. Hurricane Sandy

    Well my thoughts go out to you & everyone else that is getting affected by the hurricane, have been seeing some of the images on the news. One of my school fiends from about 5 years ago has just gone to America as part of a trip with his college, they now can't get back for another week. My thoughts really do go out to all CoDz members, friends & families & anyone else effected. Good luck & hear from you soon!