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  1. A Full Arsenal Of Weapons?!

    I actually never thought of the '3 weapons' idea that way. You actually make alot of sense. Normally your second weapon would be your life saver (at least for me) So to go through another weapon to get to it could mean death. I dont think the 2nd Pap would be unfair. Since getting to higher rounds would be easier that way. Therefore more fun in one session. For me one of the biggest issues of zombies is that once you go half-decently far and go down, its just puts you off and you cant be bothered to work so hard again. So the even stronger weapons would make it easier. The hardcore zombie players could then aim for 100s level. If they balance the three times the ammo with no dogs or monkey rounds I think it would be fair. Maybe something like the Scavenger perk? Though I dont think zombies have ammo on them!