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  1. 47093- EBOLA.

    So, on the Ebola thing, it could as well be as E=3 B=9 O=0 L=7 and A=4 when flipped around. And as the number 47993 turned up in here, I googled it and found it was a ZIP code for Williamsport, Indiana. A page I found mentioned some things about air pollution in Williamsport. So, air pollution? Ebola runs through the air, doesn't it? Might be that Treyarch has had little on their minds and created us a maze of things to do to find out about all this. And Element 115 IS radioactive, and would also be dangerous through air pollution. Might be a coincidence, but I don't know. Now, I'm a nerd, and love to google thorugh these things, I need a little scare now and again, and if this all matches, then I'm damn happy. There is also a baseball field there called Bowman Field, a minor league baseball field, but that is in another Williamsport, in Pennsylvania.