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Grand Theft Auto V DLC Rumors

Ryan R.

Rumors are swimming around the internet of a potential release of huge DLC content drop for Rockstars hit game Grand Theft Auto 5.  Months ago voice actor for Franklin (Shawn Fonteno) stated in an interview that they were wrapping up a HUGE expansion.  It seems that the story line will continue with our 3 original characters.  Rumors also has stated that we might see a map expansion for the already large layout. The Biggest rumor of all is that Microsoft is working out a deal with Rockstar to bring DLC 1 month early to its Xbox One and 360 consoles.  This is not new for Microsoft to do, they have done with several games in the past beating out its competitor Sony.  Also DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV had an exclusive deal with Microsoft to bring the platform its content early.  With The Lost And Damned coming a full 13 months early to Xbox 360, and The Ballad Of Gay Tony a full 6 months ahead of its Sony competitor.  We will see in the coming months if these rumors are true.  The announcement is rumored to be announced at this year’s E3 2015.

What’s to come next for GTA Online?  I assume Rockstar Has big plans to expand GTA Online.  With the big delay in heists, I think Rockstar will surprise us with the next big content.

What do you think about the upcoming expansion on the biggest game of the franchise?  Leave your comments below.

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