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    Honestly we are not quite sure yet. But after doing some research a month ago I personally believe that Motd takes place before samantha gained control and it's in a natural state ( 1930's) and Shadows of evil takes place sometime after samantha gains control of the MPD and samantha has more power than whatever is in the MPD [ 1940'S ] because of the eye colors and the time periods it would fit perfectly although for now we are waiting to see if treyarch is actually going that route
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    Whats up everyone? My names Corey I've been playing Zombies heavily since World at War. I like to consider myself an above average player. I usually play solo but I'm always willing to work in a team.
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    Brains to you. I hope your head feels better because it just cranked out a good ol' fashioned, reinforced Zombies universe theory. Congrats. Very well put. P.S. the time is between 19.7-20 seconds. I have more coming on that in the future. P.S.S. Holy toledo...your pocket in time theory veritably answers the question of how there were two Richtofens in the same room at once. I'll discuss that further in the 20-Second Discourse, and will make sure to acknowledge your work! @Kill_All_Monkeys Just realized that I had left the "y" off "your pocket in time theory" and it appeared that I said "our pocket in time theory" like I was making a claim! lol! I case you noticed, resolved.
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    I feel as if they do in fact take place in the same timeline, they just simply happen before Samantha is in control, as stated above. And the controller/announcer is the "greater evil" Samantha spoke of during Moon. What's interesting is how the radio from MotD indicates the inmates just disappeared and there was no sign of any kind of zombie attack leading to the idea that many of these events take place in some sort of pocket of time, maybe not necessarily in an alternate dimension or reality, that still exists outside of the normal one somehow. This is most strongly supported by Der Riese, and the fact that the clock kept resetting every 15 seconds (I believe that was the span of time, I don't exactly remember). This is also showed off significantly in the trailer for The Giant. Another interesting observation is the fact that the Origins crew doesn't show up until after the clock freezes/resets. This tells me that they didn't actually time travel but rather were simply transported to this particular pocket of time. Given how time does not function the same in the Aether with the controller being able to view several different points of time at once, Samantha (or whomever) simply moved them from the Crazy place in Origins to this bubble, which could have existed parallel to it like a parallel dimension. Just thinking about this makes my brain hurt.
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    Big thanks to all those that have donated so far. @NaBrZHunter @Kill_All_Monkeys @Hells Warrrior @Lenne @Rissole25 @InfestLithium @Shooter @GRILL @Covert Gunman @Tainted Opossum
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    Someone just requested this on another thread, so I thought I'd make a topic with it. Here's the tutorial in step-by-step order. PM me or post a respond here if there's any questions. Note that some of these steps can be done in different orders (like the plates, the ball, etc.) A thanks to i am richtofen for informing me of alternative wire spawn locations. ***NOTE***: Someone in your party MUST have previously completed the Call of the Dead and Shangri-La Easter Eggs in order to complete this. Also note that while these steps do move in a general direction, these steps CAN be performed in random order for the most part. For example, you can teleport the plates at Area 51 or pick up the wire in the lab at any time during the game. Step 1: Sam Says. Right outside the spawn downstairs there's a set of computers. Repeat the color pattern 3 or 4 times until all computers blink green. Power must be on before doing this step. Step 2: Hack the Lab Computer Terminals. In the second level of the lab you'll see 4 computers on the wall. Equip the hacker and hack the computer on the right (cost 500 points). After hacking the initial computer, there will be 4 terminals scattered through the three levels of the lab that you must now hack. You can identify it by the green light shining on it. You must do this within 60 seconds. Afterwards, return to the computer you initially hacked, and press x on each computer to turn on the activstion light. You must press them quickly in sequence or they'll turn back off. Step 3: The Artifact in Tunnel 6. Wait until the excavator breaches Tunnel 6, and hack the computer at the spawn to remove the saw. Head back to Tunnel 6 and you'll see the Artifact (ball) on the ground next to the M16. Knife the ball and follow it back to the spawn. It will float up onto a satellite above the spawn room, use the Wave Gun to shoot it down and continue to follow it through to Tunnel 11. At one point the ball gets stuck in the ceiling in the Stamin-Up room, shoot it to unwedge it. Follow it to the pyramid. A vile should then rise from the corner of the pyramid. Step 4: Collect the Souls. After the vile appears, you must kill 25-30 zombies next to the vile to fill it up. A sound can be heard once it's filled. Also note the red smoke will stop appearing from the dead zombies once it's filled all the way. Step 5: Cryogenic Slumber Party. Hit the switch on the wall near the full vile, and you'll be done with the first part. Your reward is a 90 second Death Machine. Sound familiar? TIP: Wait to hit the switch for the DMs until you have to fill up the four viles on the corners for Step 8. It will make that step much easier to complete. Step 6: Collect the Plates. Teleport to Area 51, and on the right hand side you'll see some plates on a shelf of a storage container (they're sitting vertically). Throw a grenade or two to knock them down on the ground. Then throw a Gersch to teleport them onto the teleporter. When you go back to Moon, you'll see the plates on the ground near Quick Revive. Throw a QED at the plates to transfer them to the computer across the room. Step 7: The Wire, The Golden Rod, and the Computer. If you haven't found the wire yet, look for it somewhere in the 3 levels of the lab. Hold x to pick it up. It'll appear in your inventory when you have it. Return to the computer and the plates and attach the wire. Place the Golden Rod in between the plates. Whoever is Richtofen must now keep pressing x (square) at the computer until you can't anymore. Remove the newly powered rod afterwards. EDIT: The piece of wire can also be found outside by the teleporter, and in the spawn room. It usually spawns in the lab, but it can also spawn elsewhere. Step 8: Collect More Souls. Head back to the pyramid and have Richtofen walk up to it. 4 viles will now appear in each corner. Fill these up like last time. It's relatively easy if one or two of you have Ray Gun or Wave Gun. After all 4 viles are filled, have Richtofen place the rod in the pyramid. Whoever is playing as Richtofen will get all 8 perks now. Step 9: Transfer the Artifact. Notice the Artifact (ball) is misaligned in it's hole on the pyramid. Throw a QED to transfer it to the Sam Says computers for the final steps. You'll see it disappear and reappear by the Sam Says computer if you threw the QED correctly. Step 10: Sam Says Part II. Play Sam Says again. This time there will be 3 levels instead of one. A sound will verify you completed each level correctly, along with the blinking green screens. This Sam Says is noticable more difficult than the first time around. Step 11: Teleport the Artifact. After completing all 3 levels of Sam Says part II, throw a Gersch at the Artifact (ball) to teleport it to the launch platform and to complete the Easter Egg. Sit back, enjoy the show, and reap the benefits of your hard work!
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