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    I'm willing to take such a risk. So I'd say yes. How about... you get a million dollars, but for the rest of your life, every two months, ‌@Hells Warrrior stalks you for about two weeks. (No offense, Hells. Just meaning this as a joke.)
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    So when did you choose to be a heterosexual? Not trying to be patronizing, as I would never criticize someone for supporting what the holy book of their religion states. Just genuinely curious as to when one would make the choice to be gay or straight. I know for one, I never chose, I was naturally attracted to those of the opposite sex. I feel that I didn't have to choose as I never had those temptations to be gay. I feel like gay people have the temptation of being gay, just like I have the temptation of lust. I guess I kind of believe that perhaps we all have temptations, some of us have different ones, and its kind of like a lifelong test from God to see how much faith we have in him. It's not "temptation", it's not comparable to be tempted to go skydiving or something, it's just outright uncontrollable attraction, just as a heterosexual person likes people of their opposite gender, bisexual and homosexual (and everything else that exists) are attracted to the same gender in the same way; it's not some wei
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    I am a Christian, a devout one at that, and I believe that if same-sex sexual attraction was truly a sin like some claim that it is - then God would have made it so that his children of both human and other variety could not possess or act on these attractions, nor would he have made it so that there were people that could only have these attractions and thus have to automatically "sin" if they wanted to experience the same pleasures of love, romance and companionship that anyone else does, but yet the Lord created people this way, and he also created people like me who were mentally and spiritually of one gender and put into the other gender's body (transgender people like me), and people who held a variety of attractions and feelings, he creates us all in a specific way for a reason I believe, and I believe that he loves us all the same way; no matter who we are or what we feel.
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