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Solo Easter Egg Hunt on TranZit! Ongoing findings

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Posted 06 January 2013 - 16:30 PM

Hey everyone! I've been working in this thread for a while now, today seemed like a good day to post it, I've been putting it off for quite a while but here it is, enjoy!

This thread aims to look at easter eggs within the game mode TranZit to see if there is anything I can find (all solo too!)if anything isn't new it is because I did it a while back & tested it then. Any comments, questions or ideas you'll like to put across then post a comment! With that being said let's have a look:

ToB (Tower of Babble)

People have been wanting to know if the Tower of Babble Easter Egg can be done solo. I too have wanted to find this out & want to test out theories, so whenever I have a spare moment (not that often though) I am going on TranZit to see if there is a way to do it.
TBH I don't think it is possible but I want to either prove people wrong or people right and it's fun to challenge yourself :D so, this is a little day to day round up of what I'm doing & what is happening within the manic game mode of TranZit:

Enjoy and I hope it comes of use!

Colour Key:

18th December (7 days until Christmas!)-
Today I've wanted to focus on Maxis' Easter Egg path. I had to start off by building the NavCard machine & then turning the power on then off. I then went to the NavCard machine, I put one turbine down and Maxis said "Not enough power, bring more energy systems!", at first I thought that was it, the easter egg cannot be done BUT I've been thinking and there could be a way around this:

A) He says energy systems NOT turbines, maybe one of the other buildables can generate enough power, maybe the electrical trap + electrical dude can help?

B) The electrical dude! I tried continuing with the Easter Egg by killing the electric dude under the tower, I failed at this. The problem with doing it solo is you have no one to revive you when you're down :cry:

C) The Jet Gun, in the Richtofens Easter Egg you heat up the NavCard machine using this. I wonder what would happen if I did this during Maxis'. Heat means the particles will jiggle around more providing more energy (in theory).

EDIT 03 Jan 2013- The Jet Gun cannot heat up the obelisk in Maxis' Easter Egg, this doesn't power it up! Only in Richtofens.

I have an idea on how to get through the next part of the easter egg, what if I turned on the lights using the turbines and then getting a Denizen to create a portal, would that keep it on as it is being powered?

EDIT 3rd Jan 2013- Have been playing around with the concept of the Denizen portals possibly powering the lamps (which is what you need to create the triangle), it looks like you can't power the portals without using turbines! So it doesn't look like you can complete Maxis' EE solo, even if I found a way to complete the step before that I don't think there is a way, although I do still find it strange that the quotes still carry on when playing solo.

I did attempt Richtofens Easter Egg but my downfall was forgetting where parts of the Jet Gun were, I got everything apart from the wire in the power station...

20th December (5 days!!!! Or 1, depends on what you think)-
Today I've been trying to see if the NavCard reader can be heated up by using the Jet weapon. The answer is no :/

I was about to go and see what would happen if I put the electrical trap down somewhere and capture the electric dude but then I thought I'd see about Richtofens Easter Egg while I had the Jet Gun. I got towards the NavCard reader, my game ended and got a notice saying I've been disconnected from one of the servers.

One thing I also noticed is that while I had the power off, I put down a turbine on a light nearest to Town and I got a sound file from Maxis, it said something about a complicated scaline triangle (I'll find the actual quote later).
People have been saying that we may have missed steps, what if we did the steps in the wrong order (I have seen other people saying about the idea), when you turn the power down Maxis says something like "well done, now onto our other tasks", unlike Richtofen he never specifies what the next step is, this could also follow on from what Jimmy said on Twitter about "Tell me the steps you have done in what order... NOW!".

3rd Jan 2013 (HAPPY NEW YEAR CoDz! Still haven't posted this...)-
I want to run through possible ideas on whether the EE on Richtofens side can be done solo, the steps (for MP) are:

1) Turn power on & heat up obelisk
2) Kill freakbags under pylon
3) Reduce power by a factor of 4

Part 1 & 2 of the easter egg look possible (unless they are not for some reason) to be done solo, the last part though doesn't look possible, Rich will say about reducing the power by a factor of 4! Problem is though there is only one of me with two EMPs, the two player EE was done by throwing two grenades at their lights, jumping through then throwing them again.

I only have two EMPs so it may not even be possible, the only possible way I see it ATM is where you throw two EMPs, happen to land near a max ammo you created + linking all the teleporters up before you start it, the odds of you doing that is pretty slim but I'll see if there is another way... suppose it's time to start raking points back up for the bank... this may take a while.

Navcard Mystery

Here I will be looking at the Navcard and the significance it holds within TranZit.

When people ask whether the EE is finished I ask 'do you mean TranZit or ToB?' Tower of Babble is done! (I'm just seeing if it's possible solo) But TranZit isn't 100% complete, there does look to be some things we still need to find out using this game mode.
My personal theory is the same as some others say (Like MMX) this is an ongoing on and will all be answered in due time, the rod in Shangri-La went onto Moon so why can't this. I will be looking into it though, at this time people have taken out quote files and game coding and haven't found any new quotes but did find something saying Navcard accepted.

Anyway I want to look into it possibly allowing us to use the machine... any ideas? Then post here!

If there is anything I find out then it'll be posted here, have you found something out? Post it here & I'll update this! Any Easter Eggs other than ToB and the Navcards are welcome (Radios etc.)!

If you've tried something out I haven't (maybe it didn't work) still post here so I can update this so others don't waste time doing it. Thank you for reading & hope it comes of use to some users!

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Posted 06 January 2013 - 21:54 PM

Great thread man. Will be insightful. I'll be revisiting this frequently until Die Rise.
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