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Ascension EE and question

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Posted 10 April 2011 - 15:37 PM

Finnaly got my xbox and computer back. and peoiple have really been blowing up over the EE on ascension. Yes it is true that a scream can be heard over the earthquake aftyer you help the guy (cant think of his name right now) and yes the codes suggest another amantha sound. but here's the question. how many radio's have been found? the 1 at the bottom of the phd flopper stairs is all i can find. if any1 has any ideas about the EE's in ascension ( not just the death machines) please reply
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#2 Mrdeadman

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Posted 10 April 2011 - 21:01 PM

There are 6 radios and they only show up in order. There's the one at the bottom of the PHD flopper area. The next is in the maintenance area, in a cage behind the truck next to claymores. Third is in the room that you start in, bottom floor amongst some barrels and stuff. Fourth is in the pack a punch room. Walk in the room, go to the right window, and look down the hole where the pipes go. 5 is located to the left of quick reload. (right next to the nikolai doll.) Lastly, 6 is by the stamin-up mystery box. Face the box, look right and it will be behind a slab of cement.
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